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21 January 2019

The persistence of race: continuity and change in Germany from the Wilhelmine empire to National Socialism

The labor of care: filipina migrants and transnational families in the digital age

The darkening nation: race, neoliberalism and crisis in Argentina

School Discipline, Race, and the Discursive Construction of the “Deficient” Student

Exploring Prenatal Physical Activity at the “Postgenomic Turn”: A Transdisciplinary Journey

Home of (or for?) Champions? The Politics of High-Performance/Elite and Community sport at New Zealand’s Home of Cycling

Ordinary Political Conversation in Seemingly Nonpolitical Leisure: All Talk and No Action?

Is West Virginia A Religious Void? An Investigation

Enhancing the Measurement of Composite Indicators of Corporate Social Performance

Ein ambivalentes Erbe: Von Durkheims (un-)politischer Soziologie zu Bourdieus Religionssoziologie des Staates

Les politiques du soufisme en France : le cas de la Qādiriyya Būdshīshiyya

From Titanic to Game of Thrones: Promoting Belfast as a Global Media Capital

Rural Depopulation: Growth and Decline Processes over the Past Century

Territorial Determinants of the Brexit Vote

How organizational characteristics shape gender difference and inequality at work

Who Benefits from Production Outcomes? Gendered Production Relations among Climate-Smart Agriculture Technology Users in Rural Ethiopia

20 January 2019

Governance, Gender and the Appropriation of Natural Resources: A Case Study of ‘Left-Behind’ Women’s Collective Action in China

Futures Research Methods and Applications in Natural Resources

A Road to Conflict: Stakeholder’s and Social Network Analysis of the Media Portrayals of a Social-Environmental Conflict in Bolivia

Between Environmental Change and Neoliberalism: The Effects of Oil Palm Production on Livelihood Resilience

19 January 2019

Corrigendum to “Does community social embeddedness promote generalized trust? An experimental test of the spillover effect” [Soc. Sci. Res. 73 126–145]

State government public goods spending and citizens' quality of life

What do government unions do? Public sector unions and nonunion wages, 1977–2015

The probability of poverty for mothers after childbirth and divorce in Europe: The role of social stratification and tax-benefit policies

The business-class case for corporate social responsibility: mobilization, diffusion, and institutionally transformative strategy in Venezuela and Britain

Pedagogies of performative care and school belonging: lessons from an Australian school

What role do students’ enjoyment and perception of ability play in social disparities in subject choices at university?

‘We go green in Beijing’: situating live television, urban motor sport and environmental sustainability by means of a framing analysis of TV broadcasts of Formula E

We Aren’t So Different After All: Differences and Similarities Between Political Affiliation and Issues of Park Use, Management, and Privatization


Survival Strategies while Engaging in Deviant Behaviors: The Case of Amateur Waterboarding Torture

Revisiting the Cost of Skin Color: Discrimination, Mastery, and Mental Health among Black Adolescents

Book Review: No Shortcut to Change: An Unlikely Path to a More Gender-Equitable World by Kara Ellerby

Counternarratives of Youth Participation Among Black Girls

Deep-Rooted Culture and Economic Development: Taking the Seven Deadly Sins to Build a Well-Being Composite Indicator

18 January 2019

“Like Make Up on a Man”: The Gendered Nature of Gun Norms

On the creation of the UK’s ‘hostile environment’

Pussy power not pity porn: Embodied protest in the #FacesOfProstitution Twitter network

Uneven Patterns of Inequality: An Audit Analysis of Hiring-Related Practices by Gendered and Classed Contexts

Interactionism in the age of ubiquitous telecommunication

On multiple agencies: when do things matter?

‘I just don’t think she has a presidential look:’ the influence of sexism on candidate image

The Long-Term Effects of Parental Separation on Childhood Multidimensional Deprivation: A Lifecourse Approach

Young women’s constructions of valued bodies: Healthy, athletic, beautiful and dieting bodies

‘The Nordic female fighter’: Exploring women’s participation in mixed martial arts in Norway and Sweden

Book Review: Giuseppe Giordan and Adam Possamai, Sociology of Exorcism in Late Modernity

Hydraulic society and a “stupid little fish”: toward a historical ontology of endangerment

“The Soldier, the State, and the People—Costs and Benefits of Military Regimes”: Evaluating the Essay “Guns and Butter: Child Mortality and the Mediators of Militarization”

Increasing Schedule Predictability in Hourly Jobs: Results From a Randomized Experiment in a U.S. Retail Firm

17 January 2019

Faith in international agricultural development: Conservation Agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa

Art as a pathway to impact: Understanding the affective experience of public engagement with film

Bedouins of Silicon Valley: A neo-Khaldunian approach to sociology of technology

Digital use and mistrust in the aftermath of the Arab Spring: beyond narratives of liberation and disillusionment

From reel life to real social change: the role of contemporary social-issue documentary in U.S. public policy

Hulu, streaming, and the contemporary television ecosystem

French and German teenagers in multicultural cities: Religious indifference as a paradox of secular societies

« Nous, maintenant, on veut poursuivre cette occupation de la rue » : les catholiques attestataires entre contre-culture, mission et défense patrimoniale

From religious to secular place-making: How does the secular matter for religious place construction in the local?

Urban Subversion and Mobile Cinema: Leisure, Architecture and the “Kino-Cine-Bomber”

Is the genie out of the bottle? Digital platforms and the future of clinical trials

Effects of Cram Schooling on Academic Achievement and Mental Health of Junior High Students in Taiwan

The Conscripted Curriculum and the Reproduction of Racial Inequalities in Contemporary U.S. Medical Education

Finding the Sweet Spot: Optimizing Criminal Careers within the Context of Illicit Enterprise

16 January 2019

How Women Talk in Indian Democracy

Freudenberg, Maren: The Mainline in Late Modernity: Tradition and Innovation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Choice Structuring Properties of Natural Resource Theft: An Examination of Redwood Burl Poaching

Supplementing a survey with respondent Twitter data to measure e-cigarette information exposure

‘It’s so scary how common this is now:’ frames in media coverage of the opioid epidemic by Ohio newspapers and themes in Facebook user reactions

Symposium on political communication and social movements – the campfire and the tent: what social movement studies and political communication can learn from one another

No-ball! When transformation, indigenization and politicking overstepped into Zimbabwean cricket

Enabling and constraining migration: the multiscalar management of temporary, skilled, international migration of English professional cricketers

African footballers’ life cycles according to the analysis of transfer value along their career path: a case study of Ghanaian players

The Writing on the…Desk: Desktop Graffiti as Unobtrusive Measure of Campus Climate Before and After the Virginia Tech Massacre

15 January 2019

Air Quality and Visitor Behavior in U.S. Protected Areas

Living and Robotic Dogs as Elicitors of Social Communication Behavior and Regulated Emotional Responding in Individuals with Autism and Severe Language Delay: A Preliminary Comparative Study

Transgressive Little Pests: Hiker Descriptions of “Shelter Mice” on the Appalachian Trail

Examining the Impact of Naturalistic and Unnaturalistic Environmental Enrichment on Visitor Perception of Naturalness, Animal Welfare, and Conservation

Origins and transformations: histories of communication study

Perceptions and Attitudes of Urucum Settlement Residents about Local Wildlife

The Next Social Contract: Animals, the Anthropocene, and Biopolitics

The Interpersonal Context of Human/Nonhuman Animal Violence

Reptile Ownership in Balkan Countries: Demographics and Reliance on Veterinary Advice

Diversity And Diversification Research

Black Protestant Views Of Science

How structural adjustment programs affect inequality: A disaggregated analysis of IMF conditionality, 1980–2014

Support of workplace diversity policies: The role of race, gender, and beliefs about inequality