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22 May 2019

To save the bees or not to save the bees: honey bee health in the Anthropocene

Solidarity with refugees across Europe. A comparative analysis of public support for helping forced migrants

Mediated grassroots collective action: negotiating barriers of digital activism

Do Men Favor Men in Recruitment? A Field Experiment in the Swedish Labor Market

Building Statistical Indicators of Equitable and Sustainable Well-Being in a Functional Framework

Going Easy and Going After: Building Inspections and the Selective Allocation of Code Violations

A Secular Age beyond the West: Religion, Law and the State in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa

Shame: A Brief History

Who Is Willing to Share the Burden? Attitudes Towards the Allocation of Asylum Seekers in Comparative Perspective

New public management, physicians and populism: Turkey's experience with health reforms

Developing Thai Happiness Index

Beyond the Disposition and Deliberation Dichotomy: The Interrelation of Teacher Habit and Intention in the Adoption of Student Advisories

Relational Strains and Delinquency: Assessing the Gendering of Emotions’ Claims among Chinese Adolescents

Trends in the Relative Influence of Education and Income on Highbrow Taste, 1982–2012

Abandoning Medical Authority: When Medical Professionals Confront Stigmatized Adolescent Sex and the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine

Patients’ Conceptualizations of Responsibility for Healthcare: A Typology for Understanding Differing Attributions in the Context of Patient Safety

Blood Donation across the Life Course: The Influence of Life Events on Donor Lapse

Political Institutions and the Comparative Medicalization of Abortion

Experiencing Stigma and Exclusion: The Influence of Neoliberal Perspectives, Practices, and Policies on Living with Chronic Illness and Disability

Yeomans, H.Alcohol and Moral Regulation: Public Attitudes, Spirited Measures and Victorian Hangovers. Policy Press. 2014. 279 pp. $115.83 (CAD) (hardcover) ISBN 1447309936

Brossard, B.Why Do We Hurt Ourselves? Understanding Self‐Harm in Social Life. Indianapolis and Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 2018. 190 pp $80 (cloth) $25 (pbk) $24.99 (ebk) ISBN 978‐0‐253‐03639‐1

Teaching and learning guide for: Women's relationships with women at work: Barriers to solidarity

One step forward? Advances and setbacks on the path toward gender equality in families and work

Cultural journalism—Journalism about culture

Please Mind the Gap, Between Halal and Haram

21 May 2019

Who is fighting with whom? How ethnic origin shapes friendship, dislike, and physical violence relations in German secondary schools

The skill divide in post-unemployment job quality

Why Poor Families Move (And Where They Go): Reactive Mobility and Residential Decisions

Making Homes Unhomely: The Politics of Displacement in a Gentrifying Neighborhood in Chicago

The Vancouver Index of Acculturation (VIA): New evidence on dimensionality and measurement invariance across two cultural settings

Diaspora influence on the thin sympathetic response in transitional justice

License to tweak: Artistic license at first-tier Indian apparel suppliers

Communities Serve: A Systematic Review of Need Assessments on U.S. Veteran and Military-Connected Populations

Exploring the Role of Depressive Symptoms, Service Members, and Spousal Demographic Characteristics on Military Spousal Employment

Frozen or malleable? Political ideology in the face of job loss and unemployment

Do you know who you are selling to? An ethnographic approach to upper-class shopping experiences in Rio de Janeiro

Book Review: Let Us Make Men: The Twentieth-century Black Press and a Manly Vision for Racial Advancement

Legal Design for Practice, Activism, Policy, and Research

Kaushik Basu: The Republic of Beliefs: A New Approach to Law and Economics

Beyond the Gaze and Well Beyond Wolfenden: The Practices and Rationalities of Regulating and Policing Sex Work in the Digital Age

Candice Delmas: A Duty To Resist: When Disobedience should be Uncivil

Gillian Douglas: Obligation and Commitment in Family Law

Law and Rhetoric: Critical Possibilities

20 May 2019

The black skyscraper: architecture and the perception of race

Care and cruelty in Chios: the “refugee crisis” and the limits of Europe

Dogs in Schools: The Impact of Specific Human–Dog Interactions on Reading Ability in Children Aged 6 to 8 Years

The Pets of Hurricane Matthew: Evacuation and Sheltering with Companion Animals

The Great Cat and Dog Massacre. The Real Story of World War Two’s Unknown Tragedy

Milkmaid Bears and Savage Mates: The Cultural Exploitation of Real and Fictive White Bears from the Elizabethan Period to the Present

Surveying Attitudes toward Reptiles on Roads: Questionnaire Responses Do Not Directly Translate to Behavioral Action

Does Anthropomorphism of Dogs Affect Pain Perception in Animal-Assisted Interventions? An Exploratory Study

Psychological Mechanisms Predicting Wellbeing in Pet Owners: Rogers’ Core Conditions versus Bowlby’s Attachment

Young Children’s Interpretation of Dogs’ Emotions and Their Intentions to Approach Happy, Angry, and Frightened Dogs

Human–Ape Interactions in a Zoo Setting: Gorillas and Orangutans Modify Their Behavior Depending upon Human Familiarity

Attitudes toward Animals of Students at Three European Veterinary Medicine Schools in Italy and Spain

Detecting Historical Inequality Patterns: A Replication of Thomas Piketty's Wealth Concentration Estimates for the United Kingdom*

Community Entitativity and Civic Engagement

Uneven Neighborhood Recovery: Hurricane Damage and Neighborhood Change in the Houston–Galveston Region Since 1970

Disentangling the Effects of Race and Place in Economic Transactions: Findings from an Online Field Experiment

Around the kitchen-table with Bourdieu: understanding the lack of formalization or professionalization of community sports clubs in New Zealand

Populism and Conspiracy: A Historical Synthesis of American Countersubversive Narratives

Agrarian Populism in the 19 th Century: Four Sources of Partial Success

Foreword Editor‐in‐Chief

Populism in South America: Democratic Panacea or Pitfall?

Populism and the Populists: The Incoherent Coherence of Coxey's March

The Nevada Water Law of 1913: A Populist Response to Progressivism

Populism and British Stories of Decline

Ethnography and the Making of “The People”: Uncovering Conservative Populist Politics in the United States

Modern American Populism: Analyzing the Economics Behind the “Silent Majority,” the Tea Party, and Trumpism

Editor’s Introduction: The Troubled State of Populism

From global to glocal. Sustainable Community Movement Organisations (SCMOs) in times of crisis

Engdahl, E.Depressive Love: A Social Pathology. London: Routledge. 2018. 122pp. ISBN: 9781138050150

Crypto‐coin hierarchies: social contestation in blockchain networks

The dynamics of ethnocentrism in Europe. A comparison of enduring and emerging determinants of solidarity towards immigrants

The Varying Effects of Neighborhood Disadvantage on College Graduation: Moderating and Mediating Mechanisms

Labour Market Returns to Graduates’ International Experience: Exploring Cross-Country Variation in Europe

Changing schools: a study of primary secondary transfer using Vygotsky and Bernstein

Blind spot

Secondary Emotional Labor: Supervisors Withholding Support and Guidance in Interdisciplinary Group Meetings in a Community Hospice Program

19 May 2019

Assessing the Capacity of DRDoS-For-Hire Services in Cybercrime Markets

Todd LeVasseur: Religious agrarianism and the return of place: from values to practice in sustainable agriculture

18 May 2019

Correction to: Beyond Formal Access: Organizational Context, Working From Home, and Work–Family Conflict of Men and Women in European Workplaces

Historical Ecologies of Pastoralist Overgrazing in Kenya: Long-Term Perspectives on Cause and Effect

Social entrepreneurship as field encroachment: how a neoliberal social movement constructed a new field

Do Changes in Material Circumstances Drive Support for Populist Radical Parties? Panel Data Evidence from the Netherlands during the Great Recession, 2007–2015

Potential and impediments to senior citizens’ volunteering to maintain basic services in shrinking regions

Community food assistance, informal social networks, and the labor of care

Relating social and symbolic relations in quantitative text analysis. A study of parliamentary discourse in the Weimar Republic

The Importance of Variables in Composite Indices: A Contribution to the Methodology and Application to Development Indices

“I’m Not Really 100% a Woman If I Can’t Have a Kid”: Infertility and the Intersection of Gender, Identity, and the Body

Economic Insecurity among Gay and Bisexual Men: Evidence from the 1991–2016 U.S. General Social Survey

Prainsack, B. Personalized Medicine: Empowered Patients in the 21st Century?New York: New York University Press. 2017. 288 pp.

Peers that Count: The Influence of Deskmates on Test Scores

La transformation de l'offre de services de garde au Québec: Une brèche dans la collectivisation du travail de reproduction sociale?


17 May 2019

Gender‐Equitable Parental Decision Making and Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration in Bangladesh

Halal dating: Changing relationship attitudes and experiences among young British Muslims

Spatial Discontinuities in Support for Hydraulic Fracturing: Searching for a “Goldilocks Zone”

Book Review: The Happiness Fantasy

Relational Agriculture: Gender, Sexuality, and Sustainability in U.S. Farming

The Age Of Concerted Cultivation

Marginalized Yet Mobilized

Alpha, Omega, and the Letters in Between: LGBTQI Conservative Christians Undoing Gender

Is Adoption Equally Beneficial to Different Aspects of Youth’s Behavioral Health? Findings From Comparing Adopted Chinese Youth With Non-Adopted American and Chinese Youth

Bates, C.Vital Bodies: Living with Illness. Bristol: Policy Press. 2019. 113 pp £75.00 (hdbk) £21.99 (pbk) £21.99 (ebk) ISBN 978‐1‐4473‐3506‐1

Exploring the neglected and hidden dimensions of large‐scale healthcare change

Understanding behaviour change in context: examining the role of midstream social marketing programmes

Palfrey, C.The Future for Health Promotion. Bristol: Policy Press. 2018. 224 pp £24.99 (pbk) £24.99 (ebk) ISBN 978‐1447341239

16 May 2019

The Global Increase in the Socioeconomic Achievement Gap, 1964 to 2015

The Influence of Corporate Lobbying on Federal Contracting

Tweeting Blame in a Federalist System: Attributions for Disaster Response in Social Media Following Hurricane Sandy*

Public Ideas: Their Varieties and Careers

The Zero Trimester: Pre-pregnancy Care and the Politics of Reproductive Risk

Excluded Within: The (Un)Intelligibility of Radical Political Actors by Sina Kramer

Understanding our potential research publics: Exploring boundary disputes in recruitment to a sociological study

Pockets of peasantness: small-scale agricultural producers in the Central Finger Lakes region of upstate New York

Food justice, intersectional agriculture, and the triple food movement

Stuck! Welfare state dependency as lived experience

The promise of the social contract: Muslim perspectives on the culturalization of citizenship and the demand to denounce violent extremism

The SOLA Model: A Theory-Based Approach to Social Quality and Social Sustainability

Constructing Sexual Harm: Prosecutorial Narratives of Children, Abuse, and the Disruption of Heterosexuality

Book Review: Intergenerational Family Relations: An Evolutionary Social Science Approach

Originating Stand Your Ground

The Racial Boundaries of Inequality

Rethinking Legitimation: Positional and Mediated Legitimation Processes for Croatian NGOs

Bargaining Bonus or Breadwinning Burden? Wives’ Relative Earnings, Childrearing, and Depression

Trading time and space: Grassroots negotiations in a Brazilian mining district

“Weak Is the New Strong”: Gendered Meanings of Recovery from Substance Abuse among Male Prisoners Participating in Narcotic Anonymous Meetings

“Trying to Have your Own First; It’s What you Do”: The Relationship Between Adoption and Medicalized Infertility