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20 March 2019

Clinical practices: Epilepsy at the National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic, London, from 1860 to 1870

Poland’s double game strategy during the US-Iranian crises (1979–88)

Institutional choice in the governance of the early Atlantic sugar trade: diasporas, markets, and courts

In the Wake of the Mongols: The Making of a New Social Order in North China, 1200-1600. By Jinping Wang

Body, Society, and Nation: The Creation of Public Health and Urban Culture in Shanghai. By Chieko Nakajima

From Exclusion to Inclusion: Changes in Women’s Roles in Folk Sports and Indigenous Physical Culture in China

Historia del Polo en España (1870–1970), by Elma Caballero González-Gordon

Decoding Olympic History in a Painting by Charles de Coubertin

19 March 2019

Embodied Nation: Sport, Masculinity, and the Making of Modern Laos Honolulu, by Simon Creak

Looking for a Refuge of ‘Normalcy’ during the Argentine Dictatorship: The Case of Atlanta Football Club

An Old Practitioner Still in Search of the métier d'historien Response to Peer Vries, “The Prospects of Global History: Personal Reflections of an Old Believer”

The Prospects of Global History: Personal Reflections of an Old Believer

New Competitions and Contracts: Sports Entrepreneurs and Litigation from a Historical Perspective

Old Boys and Badmen: Private Security in (Post)Colonial Jamaica

Rebels, The Death Penalty, And Legal Process In Late Colonial Burma

State and Commonwealth: The Theory of the State in Early Modern England, 1549–1640, by Noah Dauber

Making Concrete Speak: Postcolonial Graffiti, European Secularism and Art Stars as Improvised Delegates

Words and the First World War, by Julian Walker

18 March 2019

The Social Life of Maps in America, 1750–1850, by Martin Brückner

FranÇois-paul De Lisola And English Opposition To Louis Xiv

Comparison and evaluation in memory studies

Writing agential landscapes: making history through materiality in the poetry of Derek Walcott and Audre Lorde

How we fight: Anticolonial imaginaries and the question of national liberation in the algerian war

Decolonizing history and depoliticizing territory: Raja Shehadeh’s Palestinian walks: Notes on a vanishing landscape

Testimonial Exclusions and Religious Freedom in Early America

Tensions, ambiguities, and connectivity in Kwame Nkrumah: Rethinking the “National” in postcolonial nationalism

Beyond colonial entrapment: The challenges of Puerto Rican “National consciousness” in times of Promesa

Testing the Market: The Ashby Research Service and Australian Consolidated Press

Book Review: Get Out of My Room! A History of Teen Bedrooms in America

17 March 2019

The Feminization of Sports Fandom: A Sociological Study, by Stacey Pope

BBC Sport in Black and White, by Richard Haynes

The Blessings of Medicine? Patient Characteristics and Health Outcomes in a Ugandan Mission Hospital, 1908–19701

Indo-Persian Travel Writing at the Ends of the Mughal World*

16 March 2019

Editor’s Note

15 March 2019

Boundless Sea, Naval Science, and Incipient American Empire

Consuming Japan in Cold War America

Letter to the Editors

An Era Beyond Closure

The Wild Bunch

Hanging Bridge: Racial Violence and America’s Civil Rights Century. By Jason Ward

Women Investors And The Virginia Company In The Early Seventeenth Century

Ediciones, Reimpresiones Y Traducciones En EspaÑol Del Tratado De EconomÍa PolÍtica De Jean Baptiste Say

Reputation And The Palmer Rule In The Origins Of Banking In Spain

World Trade, 1800-1938: A New Synthesis

To Live Like a Moor: Christian Perceptions of Muslim Identity in Medieval and Early Modern Spain, written by Olivia Remie Constable

Early Modern Nautical Charts and Maps: Working Through Different Cartographic Paradigms

Christian Slavery: Conversion and Race in the Protestant Atlantic World, written by Katharine Gerbner

A Singular Case: Debating China’s Political Economy in the European Enlightenment, written by Ashley Eva Millar

Exiles in a Global City: The Irish and Early Modern Rome, 1609-1783, written by Clare Lois Carroll

The Great Armenian Flight: Migration and Cultural Change in the Seventeenth-Century Ottoman Empire

Transcultural Fights: Fortification in Southeast Asian Seas during the Eighteenth Century

Hobbesian instinctual reason versus rousseau’s instinctual innocence: Backstage logic of colonial expansions and origin of the left–right political dichotomy

Introduction to Mikhail Bakhtin’s article “Experience based on a study of demand among kolkhoz workers”

Time, History, Politics: Anticolonial Constellations

Architecture is repetition: Adapting postcolonial spatial theory for post-revolutionary socialist Cuba

14 March 2019

Border crossings and the remaking of Latin American Cold War Studies

Guest Editors’ Introduction

Oral Testimonies as Independent Museum Exhibits: A Case Study from the Industrial Gas Museum in Athens

Charles Dickens’s Romantic and Material Influences

German Governesses in Victorian Middle-class Families: A Challenge to Domestic Authority?