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22 May 2019

The Rise of a Populist Zeitgeist? A Content Analysis of Populist Media Coverage in Newspapers Published between 1990 and 2017

You Break It, You Buy It: The Naiveté of Social Engineering in Tech – And How to Fix It

What Can I Do? How to Use Social Media to Improve Democratic Society

LGBT Identity and Its Influence on Perceived Effectiveness of Advertisements from a LGBT Tobacco Public Education Campaign

Exemplars as Argumentative Strategy in Broadcast News: Analyzing the Case of Chile

What Young Adults Want: A Multistudy Examination of Vocational Anticipatory Socialization Through the Lens of Students’ Desired Managerial Communication Behaviors

Romantic partner support during pregnancy: The discrepancy between self-reported and coder-rated support as a risk factor for prenatal psychopathology and stress

21 May 2019

Smartphones, Wechat and Paid Content: Journalists and Sources in a Chinese Newspaper

Brand Platform in the Professional Sport Industry: Sustaining Growth Through Innovation by Jingxuan Zheng and Daniel S. Mason

Talking about CSR matters: employees’ perception of and reaction to their company’s CSR communication in four different CSR domains

Climate Services and Communication for Development: The Role of Early Career Researchers in Advancing the Debate

Pinterest Homemade Sunscreens: A Recipe for Sunburn

Being an ‘older parent’: Chrononormativity and practices of stage of life categorisation

Moving Society to a Sustainable Future: The Framing of Sustainability in a Constructive Media Outlet

Precursors to probation and parole agent intent to send informational, emotional, and esteem social support messages to female clients

Public Service Media in Europe: Exploring the Relationship between Funding and Audience Performance

Self-Regulation and Rhetorical Problem Solving: How Graduate Students Adapt to an Unfamiliar Writing Project

What Predicts Selective Exposure Online: Testing Political Attitudes, Credibility, and Social Identity

Notes From the Co-Editors

Modelling Quoting in Newswriting: A Framework for Studies on the Production of News

The Ludic Bestiary: Misogynistic Tropes of Female Monstrosity in Dungeons & Dragons

Explaining the impact of differences in voting patterns on resilience and relational load in romantic relationships during the transition to the trump presidency

20 May 2019

Contradictory Comments: Feedback in Professional Communication Service Courses

‘You get in a hole, it’s like quicksand’: a grounded theory analysis of social support amid materially bounded decision-making processes

What influences college students’ career information seeking on the internet? A test of the comprehensive model of information seeking

Editorial Vision, Goals, Processes, and Procedures

Safety valves for mediated female rage in the #MeToo era

Integrative Framing Analysis: Framing Health Through Words and Visuals

The culture of fatherhood 2.0: exploring the “tiny public” of dad bloggers in North America

Of Nation and People: The Discursive Logic of Nationalist Populism

Where the Other Side Gets News: Audience Perceptions of Selective Exposure in the 2016 Election

Servant of two masters: How social media editors balance between mass media logic and social media logic

Pathways to news commenting and the removal of the comment system on news websites

How journalists understand the threats and opportunities of new technologies: A study of security mind-sets and its implications for press freedom

‘Stay informed’, ‘become an insider’ or ‘drive change’: Repackaging newspaper subscriptions in the digital age

Pain and the collision of expertise in primary care physical exams

‘Just having a computer doesn’t make sense’: The digital divide from the perspective of mothers with a low socio-economic position

Science communication scholars use more and more segmentation analyses: Can we take them to the next level?

Galaxy zoo: Science content knowledge of citizen scientists

Book Reviews: Research Methods and Global Online Communities

Short report: Inclusion of other in the self scale: An adaptation and exploration in a diverse community sample

19 May 2019

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18 May 2019

Intersections of nationality, gender, race and crime in news reporting: The case of Oscar Pistorius – Olympian and murderer

17 May 2019

Presidential Communication and Character: White House News Management from Clinton and Cable to Twitter and Trump

Scrum Language Use in a Software Engineering Firm: An Exploratory Study

A Comparative Study of Temporary and Ongoing Teams on e-Environment

The Role of Rhetoric in Engineering Judgment

David C. Evans

Using Case-Method Pedagogy to Facilitate Audience Awareness

Language, Identity, and Transnational Communication: Chinese Business Expatriates in Africa

Challenging Traditional Culture? How Personal and National Collectivism-Individualism Moderates the Effects of Content Characteristics and Social Relationships on Consumer Engagement with Brand-Related User-Generated Content

Five Seconds to the Ad: How Program-Induced Mood Affects Ad Countdown Effects

Extending public relationship-building through the theory of politeness

Vietnamese pre-schoolers’ tablet use and early childhood learning: an ecological investigation

WeChat use of mainland Chinese dual migrants in daily border crossing

Fuck the patriarchy: towards an intersectional politics of irreverent rage

Feminist anger and feminist respair

Once a journalist, not always a journalist? Causes and consequences of job changes from journalism to public relations

Who writes a press release? Changing audience perceptions of journalists as marketers of news, not just reporters

Drawing conclusions about what co-participants know: Knowledge-probing question–answer sequences in new employee orientation lectures

Source magnification of cyberhate: affective and cognitive effects of multiple-source hate messages on target group members

Bridging transformational leadership, transparent communication, and employee openness to change: The mediating role of trust

Using Interorganizational Communication Networks to Predict Terrorist Attacks

Six Uses of Analytics: Digital Editors’ Perceptions of Audience Analytics in the Newsroom

Digital detox: Media resistance and the promise of authenticity

16 May 2019

A global capability framework: Reframing public relations for a changing world

Room for improvement: Why Korea's leading ICT ODA program has failed to combat corruption

Introducing the First Black Bachelorette: Race, Diversity, and Courting Without Commitment

Communication and (Un)Inspired Terror: Toward a Theory of Phatic Violence

Deontic authority in intervention discourse: Insights from bystander intervention

Reach Across the Aisle: Elevation From Political Messages Predicts Increased Positivity Toward Politics, Political Participation, and the Opposite Political Party

Mental health support apps and ‘proper distance’: relational ethics in mHealth

Green conflicts in environmental discourse. A topos based integrative analysis of critical voices

Corporate sustainability efforts and e-WOM intentions in social platforms

An emerging online social network and disaster-induced collective stress

Effective strategies for responding to rumors about risks: The case of radiation-contaminated food in South Korea