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20 March 2019

Fantasy, Pragmatism and Journalistic Socialisation: UK Journalism Students’ Aspirations and Motivations

A New Cold War? International Public Opinion of Russia and the United States

Translating the female self across cultures. Mothers and daughters in autobiographical narratives

19 March 2019

Craving healthy foods?! How sensory appeals increase appetitive motivational processing of healthy foods in adolescents

Organizing youth work(ers) through the paradox of play


#Motherhoodishard: Narrating Our Research and Mothering in the Postpartum Stage through Texting and Social Media

Determinants of mobile phone ownership in Nigeria

Per Diem Payments as a form of Censorship and Control: The Case of Guinea-Bissau’s Journalism

The representation of Syrian refugees in Turkey: a critical discourse analysis of three newspapers

Ancient Rhetorics and Digital Networks

Social Media Activism in the Digital Age: Testing an Integrative Model of Activism on Contentious Issues

Less in-person social interaction with peers among U.S. adolescents in the 21st century and links to loneliness

Chinese Television and National Identity Construction: The Cultural Politics of Music-Entertainment Programmes

The invisible children of media research

Data activism and social change

Brand yourself, design your future: Portfolio-building in the social media age

The Brexit referendum: how trade and immigration in the discourses of the official campaigns have legitimised a toxic (inter)national logic

Social Support for Active Substance Users: A Content Analysis of r/Drugs

Looking down on Others to Feel Good about the Self: The Exposure Effects of Online Model Pictures on Men’s Self-Esteem

The When, Why, How and So-What of Verifications

Theorizing Journalism’s Institutional Relationships: An Elaboration of Gatekeeping Theory

How do mothers manage their privacy with adolescents? Exploring mother–adolescent communication in Mexican immigrant families

(Re-)presenting the Paralympics: Affective Nationalism and the “Able-Disabled”

18 March 2019

Strategic Social Grooming: Emergent Social Grooming Styles on Facebook, Social Capital and Well-Being

Effects of Second Screening: Building Social Media Social Capital through Dual Screen Use

Searching for Autonomy in Digital News Entrepreneurism Projects

Embodiment in the Semiotic Matrix: Communicology in Peirce, Dewey, Bateson, and Bourdieu

If … Then: Algorithmic Power and Politics

Shifting toward a humanized perspective? Visual framing analysis of the coverage of refugees on CNN and Spiegel Online before and after the iconic photo publication of Alan Kurdi

‘Just doing their job?’ Journalism, online critique and the political resignation of Metiria Turei

Journalistic construction of congruence: Chinese media’s representation of common but differentiated responsibilities in environmental protection

Navigating the brogrammers and the boys’ club: Women’s representation and experiences in political technology

Twitter (Digital Media and Society)

Harnessing Digital Media in the Fight Against Prejudice: Social Contact and Exposure to Digital Media Solutions

Investigating the Association Between Internet Health Information Use and Patient Willingness to Communicate with Health Care Providers

Missing the Big Wave: Citizens’ Discourses Against the Participatory Formats Adopted by News Media

Algorithms of oppression: how search engines reinforce racism

Selective Exposure to Public Service News over Thirty Years: The Role of Ideological Leaning, Party Support, and Political Interest

Growth of public relations research networks: a bibliometric analysis

What’s in It for Them? Teens’ Differential Preferences for Types and Contexts of Televised Aggression

Splendid isolation again? Brexit and the role of the press and online media in re-narrating the European discourse

17 March 2019

Counter-media: TamilNet and the creation of metanarratives from below

From Cultural Revolution to cultural consumption: forming a contemporary identity through Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

16 March 2019

The Populism of Online Communities: Constructing the Boundary Between “Blameless” People and “Culpable” Others

Oppositional Designs: Examining How Racial Identity Informs the Critical Design of Art and Space

Frandsen, F., & Johansen, W. (2017). Organizational crisis communication: A multivocal approach. London: Sage. 280 pp.

Genres matter: Video games as predictors of physical aggression among adolescents

Carlsson, U., & Pöyhtäri, R. (Eds.) (2017). The assault on journalism. Building knowledge to protect freedom of expression. Göteborg: Nordicom. 378 pp.

Editorial 2019

Zienkowski, J. (2017). Articulations of self and politics in activist discourse: A discourse analysis of critical subjectivities in minority debates. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan/Springer Nature. xix + 451pp.

Media frames and public perceptions of global poverty in the UK: Is there a link?

Lying press: Three levels of perceived media bias and their relationship with political preferences

Emotional woman – rational man? Gender stereotypical emotional expressivity of German politicians in news broadcasts

Still marginalized: Gender inequalities in the largest Polish daily’s sports coverage

Brexit and the imaginary of ‘crisis’: a discourse-conceptual analysis of European news media

15 March 2019

Special themed issue introduction: problematising the treatment of children’s data

Book Review: Spanish-Language Television in the United States: Fifty Years of Development by Kenton T. Wilkinson

Collaboration for Strategic Change: Examining Dialectical Tensions in an Interorganizational Change Effort

The Influence of Supervisors’ Use of Motivating Language in Organizations Located in India

Mass Media as a Source of Public Responsiveness

Creating Middle Stage: Finding a New Space for Reflection within a Residency Program

(In)visibility of feminism in the media. The depiction of the second-wave women’s movement in Spain

Decision-making about broad- and narrowcasting: a neuroscientific perspective

Understanding Communication Effectiveness, Communication Satisfaction, Self-Efficacy, and Self-Care Management Among Patients With Chronic Disease

Obituary by Michael Elwood Roloff in Memory of Chuck Berger

Editor’s Note

Esports Research: Critical, Empirical, and Historical Studies of Competitive Videogame Play

14 March 2019

Southwell, B. G., Thorson, E. A., & Sheble, L. (eds.) (2018). Misinformation and mass audiences. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press. 307 pp.

Serendipity in Rhetoric, Writing, and Literacy Research, edited by Maureen Daly Goggin and Peter N. Goggin

Witness to the Thousand-Yard Stare: Civilian Imagination of Service Members’ Mental Injuries in Wartime

Evaluating Job Satisfaction of Latino/a Journalists in Multimedia Newsrooms: A Comparative Examination Between 2010 and 2017

‘Crisis’ as a discursive strategy in Brexit referendum campaigns

The critical juncture of Brexit in media & political discourses: from national-populist imaginary to cross-national social and political crisis

‘Out is out and that’s it the people have spoken’: uses of vox pops in UK TV news coverage of the Brexit referendum

Non-Branded Food Placements in Children’s Entertainment Programs: A Content Analysis

Platform dialectics: The relationships between volunteer moderators and end users on reddit

Book review: Meyer G The Science Communication Challenge: Truth and Disagreement in Democratic Knowledge Societies

Book review: Paul Warde, Libby Robbin and Sverker Sörlin The Environment – A History of the Idea

Interactivity as a Double-Edged Sword: Parsing Out the Effects of Modality Interactivity on Anti-Smoking Message Processing and Persuasion

You need to show that you are not a robot

eHealth in Egypt: The demand-side perspective of implementing electronic health records