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21 January 2019

The work of literary translation

‘Overpaid’ and ‘inefficient’: print media framings of the public sector in The Irish Times and The Irish Independent during the financial crisis

Fantasy, gender and power in Jessica Jones

Creed: legacy franchising, race and masculinity in contemporary boxing films

Predictors and outcomes of initial coming out messages: testing the theory of coming out message production

From Titanic to Game of Thrones: Promoting Belfast as a Global Media Capital

A Counterhegemonic Global Ethics of Media: Journalists, Scholars, and the Need for Antithetical Exchange

Psychosocial well-being and social media engagement: The mediating roles of social comparison orientation and fear of missing out

Culture is digital: Cultural participation, diversity and the digital divide

20 January 2019

No articles on this day.

19 January 2019

Advertising nativeness as a function of content and design congruence

‘I owe my life to the kind individual who called the helpline’: exploring the interplay of self-views and social distance in narrative advertising on domestic violence prevention in India and the United States

The effects of eWOM characteristics on consumer ratings: evidence from TripAdvisor.com

Can premium private labels compete with luxury brands: the impact of advertising on perceived luxuriousness

People of immigrant and refugee background sharing experiences of mental health recovery: reflections and recommendations on using digital storytelling

Multidimensional Levels of Language Writing Measures in Grades Four to Six

Investigating intersemiosis: a systemic functional multimodal discourse analysis of the relationship between language and gesture in classroom discourse

Hate Spin: The Manufacture of Religious Offense and Its Threat to Democracy

18 January 2019

The Mourning News: Reporting Violent Death in a Global Age by Tal Morse

Public Relations Capitalism: Promotional Culture, Publics and Commercial Democracy by Anne M. Cronin

Charging More and Wondering Why Readership Declined? A Longitudinal Study of U.S. Newspapers’ Price Hikes, 2008–2016

“The facts don’t work”: The EU referendum campaign and the journalistic construction of ‘Post-truth politics’

Post-truth and the political: Constructions and distortions in representing political facts

‘What are these people: migrants, immigrants, refugees?’: Migration-related terminology and representations in Portuguese digital press headlines

The construction of political journalism: A microanalytic approach

Social media and the future of open debate: A user-oriented approach to Facebook’s filter bubble conundrum

News from the pit: Journalistic performativity and discourse on Belgian internment policy

Renditions from the inside: Prison Songs, documusical and performative documentary

Coping, Community and Fighting Stereotypes: An Exploration of Multidimensional Social Capital in Personal Blogs Discussing Mental Illness

The translator on stage

The Effects of Social Norms Among Peer Groups on Risk Behavior: A Multilevel Approach to Differentiate Perceived and Collective Norms

The presidency and social media: Discourse, disruption, and digital democracy in the 2016 presidential election

Is political journalism two-faced?

Haunting Hands: Mobile Media Practices and Loss

Editorial boards in communication sciences journals: Plurality or standardization?

Emerging adults’ received and desired support from parents: Evidence for optimal received–desired support matching and optimal support surpluses

Transgender Athletes and the Queer Art of Athletic Failure

17 January 2019

Her name was Clodagh: Twitter and the news discourse of murder suicide

Fake news? A critical analysis of the ‘Welfare Cheats, Cheat Us All’ campaign in Ireland

Discourses of tragedy: a comparative corpus-based study of newspaper reportage of the Berkeley balcony collapse and Carrickmines fire

Telling the truth about power? Journalism discourses and the facilitation of inequality

Digital use and mistrust in the aftermath of the Arab Spring: beyond narratives of liberation and disillusionment

From reel life to real social change: the role of contemporary social-issue documentary in U.S. public policy

Hulu, streaming, and the contemporary television ecosystem

Toward a Theory of HealthIT Adoption Across the Lifespan: Findings from Five Years in the Community

Virtual Reality, 360° Video, and Journalism Studies: Conceptual Approaches to Immersive Technologies

The Form of Content Personalisation at Mainstream, Transatlantic News Outlets: 2010–2016

When Everything Else Fails: Radio Journalism During Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

Mediatization of a Research Group: The Estonian Student Satellite ESTCube-1

The interplay of economic stress and mothers’ use of rewards and the relations to prosocial behaviors in low-income adolescents

16 January 2019

A pivotal interactional role to oversee contract negotiation activity: Insights into a key interdisciplinary legal-business practice

Appearance Framing versus Health Framing of Health Advice: Assessing the Effects of a YouTube Channel for Adolescent Girls

IMC in digitally-empowering contexts: the emerging role of negotiated brands

Individual pastime or focused social interaction: Gendered gaming practices among Danish youth

How China’s flagship news program frames “the West”: Foreign news coverage of CCTV’s Xinwen Lianbo before and during Xi Jinping’s presidency

Book Review: Civic Hope: How Ordinary Americans Keep Democracy Alive

Populist Twitter Posts in News Stories

15 January 2019

The Ethics of Memoir: Ethos in Uptake

Values in Science: Lessons from Wildfires

Why perceived political bias on TV does not inevitably lead to a polarized audience. The case of NRK and TV2 in Norway

Privacy by Infrastructure: The Unresolved Case of the Domain Name System

Origins and transformations: histories of communication study