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21 January 2019

Dimensions of security

‘To Recognise, or not to Recognise’: Macmillan’s Yemen Arab Republic question

Authoritarian resilience and regime cohesion in Morocco after the Arab Spring

Disability Studies in the Middle East and North Africa: A Field Emerges

Is she still ‘the legendary Jewish mother’? a comparative look at Golda Meir’s and Tzipi Livni’s election campaign coverage in the Israeli press

Eqtesād-e Siyāsi-ye Sanduq-hā-ye Qarz al-Hasaneh va Muʾasessāt-e Eʿtebāri: Soqut-e Yek Ideolozhi [The political economy of interest-free funds and credit institutions: the fall of an ideology]

In MemoriamAli Reza Sheikholeslami, 1941–2018

The Pahlavi National Library Project: Education and Modernization in Late Pahlavi Iran

Ayatollah Khomeini: From Islamic Government to Sovereign State

Justifying privileged partnership with Turkey: an analysis of debates in the European Parliament

20 January 2019

Framing electoral impropriety: the strategic use of allegations of wrong-doing in election campaigns

19 January 2019

A tribe and its states: Yemen’s 1972 Bayḥan massacre revisited

18 January 2019

Diversity in Daugavpils: Unpacking Identity and Cultural Engagement among Minority School Youth in Eastern Latvia

The politics of cholera, crisis and citizenship in urban Zimbabwe: ‘People were dying like flies’

The politics of industrial policy in a context of competitive clientelism: The case of Kenya’s garment export sector

Strong NGOs and weak states: Pursuing gender justice in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa

International Mobility, Joint Working and European Research

Laying Blame for Flight and Fight: Sino-Soviet Relations and the “Yi–Ta” Incident in Xinjiang, 1962

Multi-level Approaches to Countering Unconstitutional Changes of Government in Africa: Implications for the Rule of Law

17 January 2019

‘Arming Black Consciousness’: The Formation of the Bokwe Group/Azanian Peoples’ Liberation Front, April 1972–September 1976

‘Insurgent Democracy’: Post-Apartheid South Africa’s Freedom Fighters

Sky Blue Stone: The Turquoise Trade in World History

Shifting lines of inclusion and exclusion: Islam, Arabs, and migrant communities abroad

16 January 2019

The devil in the details: constitutional regime types in post-Soviet Eurasia

Constituting Agricultural and Food Security Policy in Malawi: Exploring the Factors that Have Driven Policy Processes in the Farm Inputs Subsidy Programme

Border Practices at Beitbridge Border and Johannesburg Inner City: Implications for the SADC Regional Integration Project

The political life of the dead Lumumba: Cold War histories and the Congolese student left

Learning leadership? Elite Ugandan students and late colonial politics

Student/teachers from Turfloop: the propagation of Black Consciousness in South African schools, 1972–76

Creating a ‘monster’: the National Youth Service pre-university training programme, student activism and the Kenyan state, 1978–90

Nationalists with no nation: oral history, ZANU(PF) and the meanings of Rhodesian student activism in Zimbabwe

Student activism in Niger: subverting the ‘limited pluralism’, 1960–83

Introduction: student activism in an era of decolonization

‘Shama will not dance’: University of Khartoum politics, 1964–69

Negotiating the German Democratic Republic: Angolan student migration during the Cold War, 1976–90

Agents of dissent: African student organizations in the German Democratic Republic

Industrial associations as ideational platforms: why Japan resisted American-style shareholder capitalism

15 January 2019

Universal values in childhood concepts and education in the ‘New Yishuv’, 1882–1914

Russian-speaking Belarusian Nationalism: An Ethnolinguistic Identity Without a Language?

Commemorating 1917 in Russia: Ambivalent State History Policy and the Church’s Conquest of the History Market

Salafi fuel for ISIS tanks? The ideological relationship between Salafism and the Islamic State

Some Observations on Attitudes to Disability in Islamic Law