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22 May 2019

Self-Governance and Punishment: An Experimental Study among Namibian Forest Users

‘Responsibility of the Great Ones’: How the Organization of American States and the United Nations Helped Resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis

The Origins of the 17-Point Agreement of 23 May 1951 between the Chinese Central Government and the Tibetan “Local Government”

The Biological Standard of Living in China during the 20th Century

21 May 2019

ILLUMINATING URBAN LIVES. Filip de Boeck and Sammy Baloji. Suturing the City. Living Together in Congo’s Urban Worlds. 2016. United Kingdom: Autograph. 330 pages. Color Photographs. Bibliography. Index. $42.70. Cloth. ISBN: 9781899282197. Sammy Baloji and

‘A tender gourd among the cactus’. Making sense of Myanmar’s alignment policies through the lens of strategic culture

Manly Civilization in China: Harry R. Caldwell, the ‘Blue Tiger’, and the American Museum of Natural History

ASEAN sceptics versus ASEAN proponents: evaluating regional institutions

In Memoriam: James D. Cockcroft (1935–2019)

Seeing for Himself: Harold Holt, Bushfire and Newspaper Depictions of Prime Ministerial Empathy

20 May 2019

Sovereignty and Status in East Asian International Relations

Principals’ leadership behaviours that shaped teachers’ motivation to implement an educational ICT reform imposed by state authorities in Israel

Performing Trans in Post-Revolutionary Iran: Gender Transitions in Islamic Law, Theatre, and Film

The role of populist strategies in differing outcomes of corruption scandals in Brazil and Turkey

The political implications of popular support for presidential term limits in Russia

Conventions, Courts, and Communities: Gender Equity, CEDAW and Religious Personal Law in India

19 May 2019

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18 May 2019

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17 May 2019

Voting behaviour of Crimean Tatars 2012-2018: for or against Russia?

‘This Mixed Species of Population Will Consume’: Atlantic Expectations about Spanish American Consumers in the Age of Revolutions, 1780–1831

Exceptions to authoritarianism? Variegated sovereignty and ethnonationalism in a Siberian resource frontier

Producing Chinese Urban Landscapes of Public Art: The Urban Sculpture Scene in Shanghai

16 May 2019

Chinese Engagement of Zimbabwe and the Limits of Elite Agency

Community Newspaper as a Tool for Community Development: A Readers’ Perception Study of Idikelethu Newspaper in Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Feeling the Pulse: Towards Production Expansion of Pulses in India

The Revival of ‘Big Government’ Discourse in South Korea, 2017

Early Childhood during Indonesia’s Wildfires: Health Outcomes and Long-Run Schooling Achievements

Okun's Law in the Visegrád Group Countries

Self-Cultivation of the Socialist New Person in Maoist China: Evidence from a Family’s Private Letters, 1961–1986

Territory and Public Policy in Brazil