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20 March 2019

The state of the Kurds in Erdoğan’s ‘new’ Turkey

The Buffalo and the Squirrel: moral authority and the limits of patronage in Kiambu County’s 2017 gubernatorial race

The Impending Rise of the “Tsinghua Clique”: Cultivation, Transfer, and Relationships in Chinese Elite Politics

19 March 2019

Women’s political inclusion in Kenya’s devolved political system

Judicialisation of politics and Kenya’s 2017 elections

Education Quality and Returns to Schooling: Evidence from Migrants in Brazil

The politics of Chinese tourism in South Korea: political economy, state-society relations, and international security

China’s long March at sea: explaining Beijing’s South China sea strategy, 2009–2016

Goodbye, Postsocialism!

Campaigning Outside the Campaign: Political Parties and Referendums in Bulgaria

Referendum as a Party Tool: The Case of Slovakia

Hijacked Direct Democracy: The Instrumental Use of Referendums in Romania

The Effect of Political Parties on Nationwide Referendums in Poland after 1989

How Political Parties Use Referendums: An Analytical Framework

18 March 2019

The dynamics of exclusionary constitutionalism: Israel as a Jewish and democratic state by Mazen Masri

Impact of Income and Education on Socio-Political Values of Women: An Empirical Study of Pakistani Working Women

Why the Days Seem Shorter as We Get Older

Understanding the Crisis of Democracy in Brazil

Testing the Market: The Ashby Research Service and Australian Consolidated Press

The road to Gezi: resistance and counter-publics in 21st century Turkey

17 March 2019

Treacherous coattails: gubernatorial endorsements and the presidential race in Kenya’s 2017 election

16 March 2019

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15 March 2019

Land Measurement Bias and Its Empirical Implications: Evidence from a Validation Exercise

Violence, security and the policing of Kenya’s 2017 elections

How could Expert Involvement Compensate for an Incomplete Capability of Legitimization through Democratic Representation? Debating the Grounds for Political Legitimacy in the EU

14 March 2019

Psycho-nationalism global thought, Iranian imaginations

Participation as a Safety Valve: Police Reform Through Participatory Security in Latin America

Bureaucratic Activism: Pursuing Environmentalism Inside the Brazilian State

Introduction The Politics of Participation in Latin America: New Actors and Institutions

Overcoming the Limits of Legal Opportunity Structures: LGBT Rights’ Divergent Paths in Costa Rica and Colombia

Society-driven Participatory Institutions: Lessons from Colombia’s Planning Councils

Making National Participatory Institutions Work: Bureaucrats, Activists, and AIDS Policy in Brazil

Participatory Social Policies: Diverging Patterns in Brazil and Bolivia

Land law reform in Kenya: Devolution, veto players, and the limits of an institutional fix

Left Out: Notes from the Struggle over Middle East Intellectual History

Economic Diversification and Human Development in South Asia