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1.093 papers were published across political science journals in October 2018. Read some statistics and highlights here.
Posted on 05 Nov 2018
RSS feeds allow academics and others to keep track of the latest papers to publish in a chosen selection of research journals. They are machine-readable and aggregable, thus presenting a potentially simple solution for promoting content awareness on a large scale. However, they are beset by a problems which continue to limit the effectiveness of RSS feeds; namely a lack of metadata, a lack of harmonised metadata, and a more general lack of awareness.
Posted on 05 Oct 2018
Some statistics about the 1.006 papers published in political science & IR journals in September 2018. As for strategic considerations, OOIR will most likely switch from its current approach of basing its operations on RSS towards CrossRef metadata.
Posted on 30 Sep 2018
Political science journals have 14.704 peer reviews tracked at Publons, a platform which turns referee reports into quantifiable scholarly activities. While the average political science journal has 87 peer reviews documented on Publons, the most prolific ones are APSR, JCMS, and Publ Adm (with over 1.000 reviews each) followed by JOP, AJPS, EPSR, POP, Reg & Gov, Pol Stud and BJPS (ranging between 350 and 550 reviews). It is noteworthy that not a single political science journal has yet allowed reviews to be publicly displayed.
Posted on 12 Sep 2018
Publons documents 4.000 peer reviews undertaken for International Relations (IR) journals – out of a total 2.5 million from all disciplines (i.e., just 0,17%). Of the 85 IR journals, 14 have official partnerships with Publons, meaning that they automatically pass on information about peer reviews to the platform. The most active review-sharers are JCMS, EMFT, World Econ, ISQ, JPR, Marine Pol, JEI, BJPIR, II, JCR, and RIPE
Posted on 10 Sep 2018
You may have noticed that the Impact Factors of IR journals are sometimes followed by a statement that it ranks “nth out of 85 journals in the category ‘International Relations’”. But what are these alleged 85 IR journals? A closer look reveals a heterogeneous list comparing the incomparable.
Posted on 26 Aug 2018
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