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Neglected Papers

So many butterflies: Isaiah Berlin and the challenge of strategy

Split Vision: Multidimensionality in the European Union's Legal Policy Space

Limits of engagement? The sunshine policy, nuclear tests, and South Korean views of North Korea 1995–2013

Beyond the media’s radar: Introducing the Intifada Non-Media-Based Dataset

Exceptions to authoritarianism? Variegated sovereignty and ethnonationalism in a Siberian resource frontier

Human Rights in the Public Sector

Japan decides 2017. The Japanese General Election (2018). By Robert J. Pekkanen, Steven R. Reed, Ethan Scheiner, and Daniel M. Smith. London: Palgrave Macmillan, $39.99.

Gender and Digital Culture: Between Irreconcilability and the Datalogical. By Helen Thornham. London and New York: Routledge, 2019. 174 pp. $140 (hardcover).

The Process Performance of the WTO Trade Policy Review Mechanism: Peer‐Reviewing Reconsidered
Global Policy2019-05-17

A critical assessment of the wicked problem concept: relevance and usefulness for policy science and practice

Getting Their Way: Bias and Deference to Trial Courts

Presidential Communication and Character: White House News Management from Clinton and Cable to Twitter and Trump

Revisiting the diversity-urban development nexus: Perspectives from Israeli immigrant towns

AIS in maritime research
Marine Policy2019-05-18

Public export credit insurance in the Netherlands: an input‐output approach
World Economy2019-05-18

The future of the Pelagic Advisory Council: Repositioning the organization in the face of BREXIT
Marine Policy2019-05-20

Citizenship without states: rehabilitating citizenship discourse among the anarchist left

Modeling Context-Dependent Latent Effect Heterogeneity

Democracy and the Epistemic Limits of Markets
Critical Review2019-05-20

Containment’s deceit: why the United States needs to review its China strategy

La historiografía y los frentes populares en Francia y España: una mirada comparada

Historia de un desencuentro: Ejército y República hacia la España del Frente Popular

El funcionario como experto. Profesionalismo y diletantismo en la función pública de la Generalitat de Catalunya (1931-1939)

La autoridad, el pánico y la beligerancia. Políticas de orden público y violencia política en la España del Frente Popular

República, religión y libertad: la Iglesia y el Frente Popular

La política europea del PCE (1972-1999): del viraje europeísta al euroescepticismo

José Antonio Primo de Rivera y el Frente Popular

Mauritania y el Sahara Español: entre Argelia y Marruecos (1969-1979)

La idea de España en el discurso «servil» (1808-1814)


La nobleza en la II República (1931-1936): la radicalización elitista

Nación y revolución social. El pensamiento y la acción del joven Jordi Solé Tura

Climate justice: integrating economics and philosophy

Indian spies inside Pakistan: South Asian human intelligence across borders

Gender inequality by design: does successful implementation of childcare policy deliver gender-just outcomes?

Debate: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Standard Case for Incentive Inequalities

Building the Bomb: A Further Exploration of an Organizational Approach to Nuclear Terrorism

An ocean of concepts: Why choosing between ecosystem-based management, ecosystem-based approach and ecosystem approach makes a difference
Marine Policy2019-05-20

Frozen or malleable? Political ideology in the face of job loss and unemployment

Concealing Disease: Trade and Travel Barriers and the Timeliness of Outbreak Reporting

In Memoriam: James D. Cockcroft (1935–2019)

Exploring the Role of Depressive Symptoms, Service Members, and Spousal Demographic Characteristics on Military Spousal Employment

Communities Serve: A Systematic Review of Need Assessments on U.S. Veteran and Military-Connected Populations

ASEAN sceptics versus ASEAN proponents: evaluating regional institutions
Pacific Review2019-05-21

Germany as a Dividual Actor: Competing Social Logics and their Political Articulations
German Politics2019-05-21

Beyond green and orange: alliance for choice – Derry’s mobilisation for the decriminalisation of abortion

The means, motive and opportunity of devolved policy responses to an ecosystem approach

Undoing work, rethinking community: A critique of the social function of work

The weight of fairness

Education, Family Background, and Political Knowledge: A Test of the Compensation Hypothesis with Identical Twins

The right to medical assistance for seafarers. Ethical and practical consequences of the introduction of telemedicine to improve healthcare on board ships
Marine Policy2019-05-21

Governing the salmon farming industry: Comparison between national regulations and the ASC salmon standard
Marine Policy2019-05-21

A Race to the Middle: The Politics of Interstate Cost Distribution and Welfare State Expansion

The micro-politics of implementing and resisting principal-agent relations in a weak state

The dragon versus the kangaroo: perceptions of Chinese and Australian influence and development assistance in Vanuatu

The rapidly changing world of ocean finance
Marine Policy2019-05-22

Moscow Rules

Latin America

Rethinking Turkey’s ‘Rapprochements’: Trouble with Germany and Beyond

Russia’s Search for a Place in Europe

Debating Nuclear No-first-use, Again

A Near-consensus: Israel’s Security Establishment and the Two-state Solution

Brexit and Nostalgia



Artificial Intelligence and Nuclear Command and Control

Mad Momentum Redux? The Rise and Fall of Nuclear Arms Control

Arms, Influence and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Russia and the European Union: Crisis and Prospects

The Virtues of Arrogance

Friends from Across the Aisle: The Effects of Partisan Bonding, Partisan Bridging, and Network Disagreement on Outparty Attitudes and Political Engagement

Excessive Entry and Exit in Export Markets

Validating a Measure of Perceived Parent–Child Political Socialization

Public Involvement in NHS Inquiries

NHS Inquiries and the Problem of Culture