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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Depression: Out-of-Tune Embodiment, Loss of Bodily Resonance, and Body Work

The spatial and temporal dimensions of the interdependence between the airline industry and the Chinese economy

Correlation of height and maximum overhead reach of a person in the forensic scenario: A study among the North Indian population

Supply chain micro-communities in urban areas

Money’s micro and macro qualities: Slaves, colonies, regions, and markets in the historical Caribbean – and beyond

Fruits of colonialism: The production of mangoes as commodities in northern Haiti

Sidney W Mintz: Charting an anthropology of the Caribbean


‘A Conference That Didn’t’: African Diaspora Studies and an episode in anthropology’s identity politics of representation

The Historical Treatment of Arbitration under English Law and the Development of the Policy Favouring Arbitration

Israel’s Citizenship Policy towards Family Immigrants: Developments and Implications

A geo-literary analysis through human senses. Towards a sensuous Camino geography

Digesting the Red Pill: Masculinity and Neoliberalism in the Manosphere

Troublesome Objects: Unpacking Ocular-Centrism in Urban Environments by Studying Blind Navigation Using Video Ethnography and Ethnomethodology

Book Review: Migrant Professionals in the City: Local Encounters, Identities and Inequalities

Comparing how peace operations enable or restrict the influence of national staff: Contestation from within?

Metamorphosing waste as a resource: Scaling waste management by ecomodernist means
Geoforum | Geography 2018-12-05

Moving toward Narrative Competence and Inclusive Healthcare through the Open Book Project

Developmental Trajectories and Predictors of Social Exclusion Among Older Koreans: Exploring the Multidimensional Nature of Social Exclusion

Dual DNA-protein extraction from human archeological remains

More Than a Feeling: Applying a Data-Driven Framework in the Technical and Professional Communication Team Project

Locating and Describing the Work of Technical Communication in an Online User Network

Introduction to the Special Issue: Data-Driven Approaches to Research and Teaching in Professional and Technical Communication

Introducing Fireant: A Freeware, Multiplatform Social Media Data-Analysis Tool

IEEE Professional Communication Society

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IEEE Professional Communication Society Information

Table of Contents

Hand Collecting and Coding Versus Data-Driven Methods in Technical and Professional Communication Research

Exploring an Ethnography-Based Knowledge Network Model for Professional Communication Analysis of Knowledge Integration

Introducing IEEE Collabratec

IEEE Professional Communication Society Information

Why Women Rebel: Understanding Women’s Participation in Armed Rebel Groups, by Alexis Leanna Henshaw

Understanding the dynamics of urban areas of interest through volunteered geographic information

The automatic classification of urban open space by a pattern-matching method of the viewshed at intersections

Modelling urban growth incorporating spatial interactions between the cities: The example of the Tehran metropolitan region

Economic Globalization and Democratic Development in East Asia: The Indirect Link

Quiet struggles: Migrant farmworkers, informal labor, and everyday resistance in Canada

Book Review: The Labor of Care: Filipina Migrants and Transnational Families in the Digital Age by Valerie Francisco-Menchavez

Pink-Tide Governments: Pragmatic and Populist Responses to Challenges from the Right

Enforcement of EU Values as a Political Endeavour: Constitutional Pluralism and Value Homogeneity in Times of Persistent Challenges to the Rule of Law

Disentangling the compact city drivers and pressures: Barcelona as a case study

A philosophy for Europe: From the outside

Social dominance orientation, fear of terrorism and support for counter-terrorism policies

Energy and water resource simulations for U.S. geography undergraduates

The limits of decision and choice

Understanding China’s School Football Fever in the Post-Beijing Olympic Era, 2009–2016: Policy and Practice

‘Playing Dead’ and Killing Off Amateurism: Bribery Scandals, Illegal Player Payments, Rule Expunging, and the Victorian Football League’s Authorization of Professionalism in 1911

Sport and Christianity: Historical Perspectives – An Introduction

Turkish attempts to improve its reputation during the making of the post-war Turkish-American rapprochment (1945–1950)

Corpse Brides: Yinhun and the Macabre Agency of Cadavers in Contemporary Chinese Ghost Marriages

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Day-to-day variation in excess commuting: An exploratory study of Brisbane, Australia

Hans Keman, Social democracy. A comparative account of the left-wing party family

The Oxford Handbook of the Prehistoric Arctic. T. MAX FRIESEN and OWEN K. MASON, editors. 2016. Oxford University Press, Oxford. xi + 988 pp. $175.00 (hardcover), ISBN 978-01-9976695-6.

Mississippian Beginnings. GREGORY D. WILSON, editor. 2017. University Press of Florida, Gainesville. ix + 332 pp. $89.95 (hardcover), ISBN 978-1-68340-010-3.

Mate preferences in emerging adulthood and beyond: Age variations in mate preferences and beliefs about change in mate preferences

Book review: Critique as Social Practice: Critical Theory and Social Self-Understanding

Historically contested concepts: A conceptual history of philanthropy in France, 1712-1914

Jacques deLisle and Avery Goldstein, Eds., China’s Global Engagement: Cooperation, Competition, and Influence in the twenty-first Century

Book Review: Seduction: Men, Masculinity and Mediated Intimacy

Beyond Word2vec: An approach for urban functional region extraction and identification by combining Place2vec and POIs

Anatomy of a product safety crisis: Fonterra’s recall crisis in China

The influence of religious identity and socio-economic status on diet over time, an example from medieval France

Local discoveries and technological relatedness: the role of MNEs, imports and domestic capabilities

Financialization, resistance, and the question of women’s land rights

Media Amnesia, by Laura Basu

Evaluating climate change adaptation strategies and scenarios of enhanced vertical and horizontal compactness at urban scale (a case study for Berlin)

How does urban population density decline over time? An exponential model for Chinese cities with international comparisons


Exploring the effects of commuting on workers’ satisfaction: evidence for Spain