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Book Review: The Urban Politics of Squatters’ Movements

You are where you build: Hierarchy, Inequality, and Equalitarianism in Mandara Highland Architecture

Book review: New Mythologies in Design and Culture: Reading Signs and Symbols in the Visual Landscape

Learning from Young People Engaged in Climate Activism: The Potential of Collectivizing Despair and Hope
Young | Sociology 2019-02-11

Giving Back to the World, the Nation and the Family: Cosmopolitan Meaning-making and Notions of Solidarity Among Young Elite Students
Young | Sociology 2019-02-11

Australian arsonists: an analysis of trends between 1990 and 2015

Holding Court: The Social Regulation of Masculinity in University Pickup Basketball

Settling the Neoliberal Contradiction through Corporate Volunteering: Governing Employees in the Era of Cognitive Capitalism

Understanding the determinants of social innovation in Europe: an econometric approach

E-commerce in South Korean FTAs: Policy Priorities and Provisional Inconsistencies

Does Military Service Continue to Facilitate Desistance? Revisiting Theory and Practice

Can the Chinese Nation Be One? Gu Jiegang, Chinese Muslims, and the Reworking of Culturalism

Persistent Professional Outcry Needed

Strains in Sustainability Debates: Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Western Science through the Lens of Extension Agents in a Pastoral Region

Facts and Fictions of the Majimaji War Graves in Southern Tanzania

Testing the Effect of Price Framing on Nonresidents’ Perceptions of Dual Pricing in State Parks: An Application of Prospect Theory

Iran, Israel, and the United States: the politics of counter-proliferation intelligence

The Impact of the Digital Transformation on Sports Journalism Talk Online

The topology of shapes made with points

Book Review: Ching Kwan Lee, The Specter of Global China: Politics, Labor, and Foreign Investment in Africa

We, the sovereign

The Bar Kokhba War AD 132–136: the last Jewish revolt against imperial Rome

Self-determination, statehood, and the law of negotiation: the case of Palestine

The MSA conference 2017: Reflections on themes and the development of Memory Studies as a research field
Memory Studies | History 2019-02-11

Memory Studies | History 2019-02-11

The joyful power of activist memory: The radiant image of the Commune in the Invisible Committee’s writings
Memory Studies | History 2019-02-11

Book review: Memory Unbound: Tracing the Dynamics of Memory Studies
Memory Studies | History 2019-02-11

Postmemories of joy? Children of Holocaust survivors and alternative family memories
Memory Studies | History 2019-02-11

Beyond trauma? Memories of Joi/y and memory play in Blade Runner 2049
Memory Studies | History 2019-02-11

Book review: What Is an Event?
Memory Studies | History 2019-02-11

Introduction: Memories of joy
Memory Studies | History 2019-02-11

Book review: Memories on the Move: Experiencing Mobility, Rethinking the Past
Memory Studies | History 2019-02-11

Power to the people: enhancing competition law enforcement in Indonesia through private enforcement

What is Flint? Place, storytelling, and social media narrative reclamation during the Flint water crisis

Colonial intertexts: Discourses, bodies and stranger fetishism in the Brazilian media

Disclosing sponsored Instagram posts: the role of material connection with the brand and message-sidedness when disclosing covert advertising

Rhetorical contours of violent frames and the production of discursive violence

Isabella Risini, The Inter-State Application under the European Convention on Human Rights: Between Collective Enforcement of Human Rights and International Dispute Settlement (Leiden, Brill/Nijhoff, 2018, xvi + 27

Algorithms, advertising and the intimacy of surveillance

Developing a Flexible Platform for Crowdsourcing Historical Weather Records

Networking justice: digitally-enabled engagement in transitional justice by the Syrian diaspora

Popular versus Elite Democracies and Human Rights: Inclusion Makes a Difference

Rent seeking at 52: an introduction to a special issue of public choice

The Historical Background to Pakistan’s Participation at the Olympic Games and Its Performances in Field Hockey, 1948–1956

Cross-Province State Aid and the Development of NGOs after the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake

Líderes agrarios, identidades anticlericales y acción colectiva en la etapa del Frente Popular

Los árboles que esconden al bosque: Miguel Ángel de Quevedo y los orígenes de la ciencia forestal en México

Authoritarian Environmental Governance: Insights from the Past Century

“To Board & Nurse a Stranger”: Poverty, Disability, and Community in Eighteenth-Century Massachusetts

Governing Bodies: American Politics and the Shaping of the Modern Physique. By Rachel Louise Moran

Couldn’t Have a Wedding without the Fiddler: The Story of Traditional Fiddling on Prince Edward Island. By Ken Perlman

Beyond Fordlândia: An Environmental Account of Henry Ford’s Adventure in the Amazon. Directed by Marcos Colón

Gallery Editor’s Note

Immigration of highly skilled European professionals to Germany: intra-EU brain gain or brain circulation?
Innovation | Sociology 2019-02-11

Analysing Space Data Sharing Through Normative Power: The Case for a Japan–ASEAN Partnership

E-health/m-health adoption and lifestyle improvements: Exploring the roles of technology readiness, the expectation-confirmation model, and health-related information activities

Sport and Modernity

Next to the Ice: Exploring the Culture and Community of Hockey in Canada

Intimate Consumption and New Sexual Subjects Among the Sambia of Papua New Guinea
Oceania | Anthropology 2019-02-12

S.N. Eisenstadt’s theory of culture

Built environment and tourism as road safety determinants in Benidorm (Spain)

An assessment of the technology level and knowledge intensity of regions in Turkey

“Abbruch und Neubau”: Die Entstehung der Berliner City
German History | History 2019-02-12

Ethnographical and historical accounts for understanding the exploration of new lands: The case of Central Western Patagonia, Southernmost South America

Struggles and strategies of rural regions in the age of the ‘urban triumph’

Towards the Centre: Early Neoliberals in the Netherlands and the Rise of the Welfare State, 1945–1958

Hierarchical Item Response Models for Analyzing Public Opinion

Supply of Policy Information in the World Trade Organization: Cross-National Compliance with One-Time and Regular Notification Obligations, 1995–2014

“Mapping” Media Spaces: Smoothness, Striation, and the Expropriation of Desire in American Journalism from Postindustrial to Datafied Capitalism

Promoting regional growth and innovation: relatedness, revealed comparative advantage and the product space

Changing Connotations and the Evolution of the Effect of Wording: Labeling Asylum Seekers in a Political Campaign

External conditions for EU normative power through trade. The case of CEPA negotiations with Indonesia

Power Transition and Paradigm Shift in Diplomacy: Why China and the US March towards Strategic Competition?

Science, technology, and sexuality: New directions in the study of sexual knowledge

Chronotopic identities: Narrating Made in Italy across spatiotemporal scales