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Neglected Papers

Dominique Lestel, Author and Gary Steiner, Translator: Eat this Book: a Carnivore’s Manifesto

Transfer of Japanese-style management to the Czech Republic: the case of Japanese manufacturing firms

Serious leisure qualities and participation behaviors of Chinese marathon runners

Urban memory and planning: investigating the use of oral history

The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Nationality in Sport: Media Representation of the Ogwumike Sisters

Beyond Rules and Mechanics: A Different Approach for Ludology

A New Dataset on Horizontal Structural Ethnic Inequalities in Thailand in Order to Address Sustainable Development Goal 10

Dividing the Pie: Parties, Institutional Limits, and State Budget Trade-Offs

Interlocking practices and their influence in the home

Use and Affordances of ICTs in Interorganizational Collaboration: An Exploratory Study of ICTs in Nonprofit Partnerships

Generational succession, culture, and politics: The shaping of Euro-Atlantic sites of memory
Memory Studies | History 2019-01-14

Book Review

Conforming Choices: Peer Influence, Adoption, and Interpretation of the Islamic Headscarf in Indonesia

Celebrating Hospitality Finance and Accounting Research

The Implications of Investment–Cash Flow Sensitivities for Franchising Firms: Theory and Evidence From the Restaurant Industry

Sovereignty and Capitalist Accumulation in Brazil’s Primary Sector

Wanuri Kahiu, director. Rafiki. 2018. 82 minutes. English and Swahili (with English subtitles). Kenya/South Africa/France/Lebanon/Norway/Netherlands/Germany/USA. Big World Cinema/Afrobubblegum/MPM Films/Schortcut Films/Ape&Bjørn/Rinkel Film/Razor Film Pro

Colleen E. Kriger. Making Money: Life, Death, and Early Modern Trade on Africa’s Guinea Coast. Ohio University Press, 2017. xiii + 233 pp. Illustrations. Maps. Tables. Index. $28.95. Paper. ISBN: 9780896802964.

Michael A. Rutz. King Leopold’s Congo and the “Scramble for Africa”: A Short History with Documents. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company, 2018. xvii + 113 pp. Chronology. Map. Documents. $18.00. Cloth. ISBN: 978-1624666568.

Anne Donadey, ed. Approaches to Teaching the Works of Assia Djebar. New York: The Modern Language Association of America, 2017. x + 188 pp. Notes on Contributors. Works Cited. Index. $40.00. Cloth. ISBN: 978-1603292955.

Jane I. Guyer. Legacies, Logics, Logistics: Essays in the Anthropology of the Platform Economy. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2016. xii + 312 pp. $30.00. Paper. ISBN: 9780226326870.

Virginia Comolli. Boko Haram: Nigeria’s Islamist Insurgency. London: Hurst & Co, 2015. vii + 230 pp. Acknowledgments. Maps. Notes. Index. $27.95. Cloth. ISBN: 9781849044912.

Gavin Steingo. Kwaito’s Promise: Music and the Aesthetics of Freedom in South Africa. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2016. xx + 307 pp. Maps. Photographs. Music examples. Notes. Bibliography. Index. $90.00. Cloth. $30.00. Paper. $10.00 to $30.00. E

Lisa Lindsay. Atlantic Bonds: A Nineteenth-Century Odyssey from America to Africa. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2017. 328 pp. 26 illustrations. Map. Chart. Notes. Bibliography. Index. $35.00. Cloth. ISBN: 978-1469631127.

A day of unfinished mourning: Historicizing commemorative practices of Bleiburg among the Croatian diaspora in Argentina
Memory Studies | History 2019-01-14

Qualitative Analysis of Cultural Formulation Interview: Findings and Implications for Revising the Outline for Cultural Formulation

Memories from the Frontline: Memoirs and Meanings of the Great War from Britain, France and Germany

Local and nonlocal knowledge typologies: technological complexity in the Irish knowledge space

Trading Secrets: Constructions And Contexts Of Two Middle Eastern Jewish Guards In The Early Petah Tikva Agricultural Colony

Between Representation and Reality: Disabled Bodies in Arabic Literature

Policy diffusion as empowerment: domestic agency and the institutional dynamics of monetary policy diffusion in China

Susan L. Marquis: I am not a tractor!: How Florida farmworkers took on the fast food giants and won

Book Review: Pam Nilan, Muslim Youth in the Diaspora: Challenging Extremism through Popular Culture

Israeli media reality vs. consumer attitudes: TV viewers’ ethical perceptions and attitudes towards regulation of embedded paid content

Situating Disability in the Anthropology of the Middle East

Signs of trouble: Semiotics, streetscapes, and the Republican struggle in the North of Ireland

Some Kind of Justice: The ICTY's Impact in Bosnia and Serbia. By Diane Orentlicher. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2018. Pp. xviii, 476. Index.

Anniversary Commemoration and Work of the International Law Commission's Seventieth Session

The Empire of International Law?

International Law and New Wars. By Christine Chinkin and Mary Kaldor. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2017. Pp. xvii, 592. Index.

Legalist Empire: International Law and American Foreign Relations in the Early Twentieth Century. By Benjamin Allen Coates. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2016. Pp. x, 284. Index.

Third-Party Countermeasures in International Law. By Martin Dawidowicz. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017. Pp. xxiv, 431. Index.

The scale effects of the spatial autocorrelation measurement: aggregation level and spatial resolution

Graphic emotion: a critical rhetorical analysis of online children-related charity communication in Poland

The small-world topology of Clovis lithic networks

Aylan Kurdi, Twitter y la indignación efímera / Aylan Kurdi, Twitter and the short-lived outrage

Medición de la pobreza subjetiva en España y su localización espacial / Measurement and Spatial Localisation of Subjective Poverty in Spain

El efecto de la ponderación y la imputación en el sesgo de los estudios electorales en España / The Effect of Weighting and Multiple Imputation on Bias in Spanish Election Polls

Estado civil, género, mortalidad y pensiones: las desventajas de la soltería en la vejez / Marital Status, Gender, Mortality and Pensions: The Disadvantages of Being Single in Old Age

No solo identidad: claves del independentismo en Euskadi / Not Just Identity: Key Factors Involved in the Basque Pro-independence Movement

Satisfacción general y sexual con la relación de pareja en función del género / General and Sexual Satisfaction with the Couple Relationship According to the Gender

Límites para la comunicación política desde las grandes plataformas sociales de Internet. Un caso de estudio: de la casta a la trama / Limits for the Political Communication Through Large Online Platforms: from The caste to The plot

El lugar de la mediación religiosa: una aproximación por métodos mixtos / The Place of Religious Brokerage: A Mixed-methods Approach

The Gender Gap in Physical and Life Sciences: Masculinity, Femininity, Occupational Values, and Chilly Climate

Predicting the End of the Syrian Conflict: From Theory to the Reality of a Civil War

Football and Colonialism in São Tomé

Sport and Colonialism in Lusophone Africa—An Introduction

The Disintegrative Logics of Euro-Atlanticism

Narratives in Dialogue: Remembering, Experiencing, and Appropriating Changes in the Culture of Australian Rules Football

The Role of the Lebanese-Australian Diaspora in the Establishment of Rugby League in Lebanon

Faxed: The Rise and Fall of the Fax Machine. By Jonathan Coopersmith

Escape to Miami: An Oral History of the Cuban Rafter Crisis. By Elizabeth Campisi

A Cheyenne Voice: The Complete John Stands In Timber Interviews. By John Stands In Timber and Margot Liberty

Leon Kass, Leading a Worthy Life: Finding Meaning in Modern Times
Society | Sociology 2019-01-14

Nancy Weiss Malkiel, “Keep the Damned Women Out:” The Struggle for Coeducation
Society | Sociology 2019-01-14

Planetary gentrification (urban futures)

A critical legal conception of human dignity

Do Learning Style Preferences of Preservice Geography Teachers Matter in Self-Directed Learning?

Religious memory on Facebook in times of refugee crisis

How structural adjustment programs affect inequality: A disaggregated analysis of IMF conditionality, 1980–2014

Salience and the Severity versus the Certainty of Punishment

The political economy of contributive pensions in developing countries

Quantity-cum-quality contests

Positional concern and low demand for redistribution of the poor

Pension reserve fund, political budget cycles and fiscal illusion