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Neglected Papers

L’énigme de la responsabilité dans les organisations : l’enjeu du dialogue

Socialisation du risque économique et redistribution des responsabilités

Tous responsables ? Transformations du travail, métamorphoses de la responsabilité

Prendre ses responsabilités ? De la santé au droit

Fabriquer des irresponsables

La responsabilité à l’épreuve de la division mondiale du travail : les apports de l’économie comportementale

Jean-Daniel Reynaud (1926-2019). Un itinéraire scientifique

Pour une économie politique de la responsabilité

Le travail comme analyseur des tensions dans la construction épidémiologique de causes et de responsabilités

Neoliberalism in your living room: A spatial cognitive reading of home design in IKEA catalogue

Geographic contingency, affective facts, and the politics of global nutrition policy
Geoforum | Geography 2019-06-11

Revisiting and revitalizing political ecology in the American West
Geoforum | Geography 2019-06-11

Conflicting motivations and knowledge spill-overs: Dynamics of the market across space
Geoforum | Geography 2019-06-11

Barriers to decolonizing economic geography: The inconvenient case of rhino horns in rural African futures
Geoforum | Geography 2019-06-11

The electoral migration cycle

Promoting functional connectivity of anthropogenically-fragmented forest patches for multiple taxa across a critically endangered biome

Barriers to the Commercialization of Civilian Space Technology in Iran

Trade Agreements with Cross-Border Unbundling

Caring for the future: Climate change and intergenerational responsibility in China and the UK
Geoforum | Geography 2019-06-11

Comparing the annualised dynamic shade characteristics of twenty-one tree canopies across twenty-six municipalities in a high ambient UV climate, Queensland - Australia

Trial by Skype: A Causality-Oriented Replication Exploring the Use of Remote Video Adjudication in Immigration Removal Proceedings

Embodied cognition effects on tourist behavior

Detection of urban system in India: Urban hierarchy revisited

New evidence on the historical growth of government in Europe: The role of labor costs

Evaluating a location distortion model to improve reverse geocoding through temporal semantic signatures

Muslim women in the Canadian labor market: Between ethnic exclusion and religious discrimination

Early labour market trajectories of intermediate and second generation Turkish and Maghreb women in Belgium

Engaging Bourdieu in a comparative perspective. Social structure and lifestyle in Europe
Poetics | Sociology 2019-06-11

Refusal of planning consent for the Docking Shoal offshore wind farm: Stakeholder perspectives and lessons learned

Regulatory control of adaptive fisheries: Reflections on the implementation of the landing obligation in the EU common fisheries policy

The effects of traffic zoning with regular geometric shapes on the precision of trip production models

Damages Without Duty

International tourism and urban transformation in Old Havana
Erdkunde | Geography 2019-06-11

Evaluation of urban encroachment on farmland: a threat to urban agriculture in Peshawar City District, Pakistan
Erdkunde | Geography 2019-06-11

The Chinafication of Hollywood: Chinese consumption and the self-censorship of U.S. films through a case study of Transformers Age of Extinction
Erdkunde | Geography 2019-06-11

Geopolitics - Thick and Complex. A conversation with Gerard Toal
Erdkunde | Geography 2019-06-11

The multi-dimensionality of space - an analytical framework for the empirical investigation of the production of place
Erdkunde | Geography 2019-06-11

Economic-geographic theory from the South: African experience and future in the global economy
Geoforum | Geography 2019-06-11

The Symbolic Efficacy of Pope Francis’s Religious Capital and the Agency of the Poor
Sociology | Sociology 2019-06-11

Geopoetics, Geopolitics, and Violence: (Un)Mapping Daniel Alarcón’s Lost City Radio

Narratives about Political Violence and Reconciliation in Peru

The impact of urbanization and climate change on ecosystem services: A case study of the city belt along the Yellow River in Ningxia, China

The dictators’ domino theory: a Caribbean Basin anti-communist network, 1947–1952


Who replies to consultations, and what do they say? The case of broadband universal service in the UK

Meanings of talk about the transition to retirement: Connecting macro and micro discourses

The Narrowing Gender Wage Gap in South Korea

Sovereignty as a scalar process: Historic preservation and Indian gaming on tribal land in Wetumpka, Alabama

Corrigendum to “Geographies of diplomatic labor: Institutional culture, state work, and Canada's foreign service” [Polit. Geogr. 72 (June 2019) 10–19]

Anxiety among Students: The Role of Perfectionism, Intolerance of Uncertainty, Rumination and Mindfulness

Željko Ivanković: Besplatno

Lost in the Process: How Stakeholders View the Quality of Public Universities in Croatia?

Stjepan Matković i Božidar Petrač (Ur.): Ante Starčević

Relationships Between Acoustic Characteristics of Female Voice and Self-Reported Personality Traits

Konferencija: Cognitive Science

Contribution of Individual and Environmental Variables in Explaining Adolescents' Externalising Behaviours

Association of Poor Self-Perceived Health with Demographic, Socioeconomic and Lifestyle Factors in the Croatian Adult Population

A Comparison of Peer Influence and Peer Selection Effects in the Context of Female Adolescents' Sexual Debut

Does Religious Freedom Warrant Protection as a Fundamental Human Right?

Labour Force Exploitation and Unequal Labour Exchange as the Root Cause of the Eurozone's Inequality

Acculturation as intergenerational trajectory and accountability concerns in immigrant youth discourse

Cycle of segregation: social processes and residential stratification

A spatially explicit reinforcement learning model for geographic knowledge graph summarization

Tackling Voyeurism: Is The Voyeurism (Offences) Act 2019 A Wasted Opportunity?
Modern Law Review | Law 2019-06-11

Race, Party, and Representation in Criminal Justice Politics

The Role of the New Goods Margin for New EU Countries Trade

How Empires Make Peripheries: ‘Overseas France’ in Contemporary History

A social semiotic analysis of gender power in Nigeria’s newspaper political cartoons

Public Opinion Surveys and USA Foreign Policy Towards Latin America in the Second World War

No borders: the politics of immigration control and resistance

The space of social movements

Trace of pace, place, and space in personal relationships: The chronogeometrics of studying relationships at scale

Writing the Welsh Borderlands in Anglo-Saxon England, by Lindy Brady

Mid-term review- UK Roma national integration strategy: Roma at the intersection of ethnic-inclusive, post-racial and hyper-ethnic policies

Talking about TV: Mother-Daughter Viewing and Discussion of an Entertainment Narrative about Teen Pregnancy