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Regulation & Governance

Publisher: Wiley
Founded in: 2007
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(The following only lists papers published after 15. August 2018.)

Do exemptions undermine environmental policy support? An experimental stress test on the odd‐even road space rationing policy in India

Conflict of interest regulation in European parliaments: Studying the evolution of complex regulatory regimes

Big audit firms as regulatory intermediaries in transnational labor governance

Debt in just societies: A general framework for regulating credit

Revisiting the governance of privacy: Contemporary policy instruments in global perspective

Opaque transparency: How material affordances shape intermediary work

Numbers in regulatory intermediation: Exploring the role of performance measurement between legitimacy and compliance

Out of tune or well tempered? How competition agencies direct the orchestrating state

Between regulatory field structuring and organizational roles: Intermediation in the field of sustainable urban development

Governing sustainable palm oil supply: Disconnects, complementarities, and antagonisms between state regulations and private standards

The culture of risk regulation: Responses to environmental disasters

Assessing the institutionalization of private sustainability governance in a changing coffee sector

Understanding the ASEAN way of regional qualification governance: The case of mutual recognition agreements in the professional service sector

A typology of board design for highly effective monitoring in intergovernmental organizations under the United Nations system

Complaining about rivals: Indifference, cooperation, and competition in the governance of advertising

Business interests in salmon aquaculture certification: Competition or collective action?

Technocracy, the market and the governance of England's National Health Service