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Latin American Perspectives

Publisher: SAGE
Founded in: 1974
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Twitter: @LAPerspectives
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(The following only lists papers published after 15. August 2018.)

Current Issues in Immigration, Indigenous Rights, Workers’ Struggles, and Governance

Commentary: The U.S.-Mexican Border, Immigration, and Resistance

Commentary: Marking “Preemptive Suspects”: Migration, Bodies, and Exclusion

The Political Dynamic of Redistribution in Unequal Democracies: The Center-Left Governments of Chile and Uruguay in Comparative Perspective

Crime Prevention and the Coproduction of Security: Outcomes of Citizen Participation at the Neighborhood Level in Neoliberal Chile

The Limits of Pragmatism: The Rise and Fall of the Brazilian Workers’ Party (2002–2016)

Social Inequality and Mental Health in Chile, Ecuador, and Colombia

Lessons from the Left in Lima: Susana Villarán and the Fleeting Return of Progressive Politics to City Hall

The Perils of Reconciliation: Achievements and Challenges of Daniel Ortega and the Modern FSLN

The Political Economy of the New Left


An Opportunity Squandered? Elites, Social Movements, and the Government of Evo Morales

Class Strategies in Chavista Venezuela: Pragmatic and Populist Policies in a Broader Context

Walking the Tightrope of Socialist Governance: A Strategic-Relational Analysis of Twenty-first-Century Socialism

Citizenship in the Global South: Policing Irregular Migrants and Eroding Citizenship Rights in Mexico