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Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory

Publisher: OUP
Founded in: 1991
Category: PS (This is based on the Web of Science categorization.)
Twitter: @pmrajpart
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(The following only lists papers published after 15. August 2018.)

The Limitations of Meta-regulation

Theorizing from Qualitative Research in Public Administration: Plurality through a Combination of Rigor and Richness

Behavioral Dishonesty in the Public Sector

A Comparative Distributional Method for Public Administration Illustrated Using Public Budget Data

A Reviewer’s Guide to Qualitative Rigor

A Behavioral Model of Public Organizations: Bounded Rationality, Performance Feedback, and Negativity Bias

Tax Expenditures and Accountability: The Case of the Ambivalent Principals

Presidentially Directed Policy Change: The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs as Partisan or Moderator?

Equal Access to the Top? Representative Bureaucracy and Politicians’ Recruitment Preferences for Top Administrative Staff

The Necessity of Discretion: A Behavioral Evaluation of Bottom-Up Implementation Theory

Management Innovation and Policy Diffusion through Leadership Transfer Networks: An Agent Network Diffusion Model

Representative Bureaucracy, Race, and Policing: A Survey Experiment

Representative Bureaucracy and Government Contracting: A Further Examination of Evidence from Federal Agencies

The Comparative Politics of Urban Water Policy in Mexico: Clientelism, Complexity, and Robust Governance

Exploring Ethical Agency in Public Service

Deconstructing Neighborhoods

Partisanship, Bureaucratic Responsiveness, and Election Administration: Evidence from a Field Experiment

Citizen Satisfaction and the Kaleidoscope of Government Performance: How Multiple Stakeholders See Government Performance

Case Study Design and Analysis as a Complementary Empirical Strategy to Econometric Analysis in the Study of Public Agencies: Deploying Mutually Supportive Mixed Methods

Nonprofit Spending and Government Provision of Public Services: Testing Theories of Government–Nonprofit Relationships

Convening for Consensus: Simulating Stakeholder Agreement in Collaborative Governance Processes Under Different Network Conditions

Microfoundations of Active Representation in Public Bureaucracies: Evidence From a Survey of Personnel Recruitment in the Swiss Federal Civil Service

Public Goods, Private Partnerships, and Political Institutions

Testing the Effectiveness of “Managing for Results”: Evidence from an Education Policy Innovation in New York City

Beyond Policy Diffusion: Spatial Econometric Models of Public Administration

Mixed Methods in Public Administration Research: Selecting, Sequencing, and Connecting

The Use of Text as Data Methods in Public Administration: A Review and an Application to Agency Priorities

Street-Level Management: A Clientele-Agent Perspective on Implementation

Best Practice Recommendations for Replicating Experiments in Public Administration