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Journal of Politics

Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Founded in: 1939
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(The following only lists papers published after 15. August 2018.)

Intra-Elite Competition and Long-Run Fiscal Development

Delegation, Collaborative Governance, and Nondistributive Policy: The Curious Case of Joint Partnerships in American Federalism

The Institutional Roots of Democratic Backsliding

Facilitating Field Experiments at the Subnational Level

Public Opinion in Subnational Politics

Looking for Influence in All the Wrong Places: How Studying Subnational Policy Can Revive Research on Interest Groups

Elite Coalitions, Limited Government, and Fiscal Capacity Development: Evidence from Bourbon Mexico

The Power of Visibility: Advances in LGBT Rights in the United States and Europe

The Resilience of Electoral Responsiveness in a Polarized Congress

The Study of Executive Policy Making in the US States

Economic Reasoning with a Racial Hue: Is the Immigration Consensus Purely Race Neutral?

Electoral Competition with Primaries and Quality Asymmetries

Could Global Democracy Satisfy Diverse Policy Values? An Empirical Analysis

Signaling Sophistication: How Social Expectations Can Increase Political Information Acquisition

Resist to Commit: Concrete Campaign Statements and the Need to Clarify a Partisan Reputation

Rawls, Piketty, and the Critique of Welfare-State Capitalism

Can the Government Deter Discrimination? Evidence from a Randomized Intervention in New York City

The Structure of Ethnic Inequality and Ethnic Voting

The Muted Consequences of Correct Information about Immigration

International Law’s Empire

Language Influences Public Attitudes toward Gender Equality

An Ill-Fitting Coat: Reforming US Political Boundaries for a Metropolitan Age

Restrained Change: Party Systems in Times of Economic Crisis

The Importance of Knowing “What Goes with What”: Reinterpreting the Evidence on Policy Attitude Stability

Party Leader or Party Reputation Concerns? How Vertical Partisan Alignment Reins in Subnational Fiscal Profligacy

The Home as a Political Fortress: Family Agreement in an Era of Polarization

Citizens and Elites in African Politics

When Does a Group of Citizens Influence Policy? Evidence from Senior Citizen Participation in City Politics

Mutual Sympathy and the Moral Economy: Adam Smith Reviews Rousseau

Bringing the Past into the Present: Toward a New Social Scientific Research Agenda

A Critical Reader of Hume and Rousseau: Adam Smith

Mirrors for Princes and Sultans: Advice on the Art of Governance in the Medieval Christian and Islamic Worlds

Policing the Administrative State

Women as Policy Activists

War and Peace

A Tale of Two Democrats: How Authoritarianism Divides the Democratic Party

Nice Girls? Sex, Collegiality, and Bipartisan Cooperation in the US Congress

The Electoral Consequences of Issue Frames

Selling Ourselves Short? How Abbreviated Measures of Personality Change the Way We Think about Personality and Politics

A Human Right to Deliberative Justification

Politicians, Interest Groups, and Next Steps in the Study of American Political Parties as Institutions

The Agency Problem Underlying Repression

Policy-Development Monopolies: Adverse Consequences and Institutional Responses