New West Indian Guide

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Publisher: Brill
Founded in: 1919
Homepage: http://booksandjournals.brillo...
Category: Area Studies
• 84 / 84 in Area Studies

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     Average: 1
     Median: 1
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     Average: 50
     Median: 48

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  • 2021 Impact Factor: 0.063
  • 2020 Impact Factor: 0.267
  • 2019 Impact Factor: 0.308
  • 2018 Impact Factor: 0.231

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Jaap Jacobs U.K.
Julie van den Hout USA
Martijn M. van den Bel France
Jean Stubbs U.K.
Ghanima Kowsoleea Netherlands
Yra van Dijk Netherlands
Aaron Graham U.K.
Jeroen Dewulf USA