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Data Journalism Projects Based on User-Generated Content. How La Nacion Data Transforms Active Audience into Staff
Digital Journalism 2019-06-13

Who Shared It?: Deciding What News to Trust on Social Media
Digital Journalism 2019-06-13

Key Dimensions of Alternative News Media
Digital Journalism 2019-06-13

The Paradox of Participation Versus Misinformation: Social Media, Political Engagement, and the Spread of Misinformation
Digital Journalism 2019-06-12

On the Democratic Role of News Recommenders
Digital Journalism 2019-06-12

Data Journalism in the Arab Region: Role Conflict Exposed
Digital Journalism 2019-05-28

The Persistence of the Popular in Mobile News Consumption
Digital Journalism 2019-05-28

Human Still in the Loop
Digital Journalism 2019-05-15

Becoming the Story: War Correspondents Since 9/11
Digital Journalism 2019-05-15

Encoding the UX: User Interface as a Site of Encounter between Data Journalists and Their Constructed Audiences
Digital Journalism 2019-04-30

A Digital Baron for a Digital Age: Chris Hughes and Neoliberalism’s Ascendancy in Journalism
Digital Journalism 2019-04-24

Automation, Journalism, and Human–Machine Communication: Rethinking Roles and Relationships of Humans and Machines in News
Digital Journalism 2019-04-23

“API-Based Research” or How can Digital Sociology and Journalism Studies Learn from the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Data Breach
Digital Journalism 2019-04-17

Gatewatching and news curation: Journalism, social media, and the public sphere
Digital Journalism 2019-04-17

The Persistence of Ethnocentric Framing in Online News Coverage of European Politics
Digital Journalism 2019-04-17

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