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Latest papers

Toward Fair, Accountable, and Transparent Algorithms: Case Studies on Algorithm Initiatives in Korea and China
Javnost 2019-05-23

Public Service Media in Europe: Exploring the Relationship between Funding and Audience Performance
Javnost 2019-05-21

Of Nation and People: The Discursive Logic of Nationalist Populism
Javnost 2019-05-20

Identity, Empathy and Argument: Immigrants in Culture and Entertainment Journalism in the Scandinavian Press
Javnost 2019-04-26

From The Club Stage to the National Scene: How Mass Media Interpreted Two Comedians as Important Immigrant Voices
Javnost 2019-04-26

Comparing Public Discourse on Immigration in Scandinavia: Some Background Notes and Preliminary Results
Javnost 2019-04-24

Wikipedia as an arena and source for the public: a scandinavian comparison of “Islam”
Javnost 2019-04-03

Personal Emotions, Experiences and Attacks: Immigration Debate in Scandinavian Comment Sections
Javnost 2019-04-01

Royal Interventions in the Public Discourse on Immigration: Rhetorical Topoi on Immigration in the New Year's Speeches of the Scandinavian Monarchs
Javnost 2019-04-01

Increasingly Controversial, Cultural, and Political: The Immigration Debate in Scandinavian Newspapers 1970–2016
Javnost 2019-03-29

From Competing Institutional Logics to the Action Horizons of Mediatised Political Performance: A New Approach to the Relationship between Media and Political Action
Javnost 2019-03-29

Integrating Concepts of Counterpublics into Generalised Public Sphere Frameworks: Contemporary Transformations in Radical Forms
Javnost 2019-03-29

The Liminal Landscape: The Reception of Western Press Freedom in Late Imperial China
Javnost 2019-01-10

Še vedno drugi spol? Analiza poročanja o volilni kampanji pomlad 2018
Javnost 2018-12-12

Seksizem in mizoginija skozi psevdoznanstveni diskurz: medijski konteksti obravnave »napačnega spola«
Javnost 2018-12-12

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