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Publisher: Wiley
Founded in: 2007
URL: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/17519020
• 101/146 in Sociology (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Sociology

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Risk and punishment: The recent history and uncertain future of actuarial, algorithmic, and “evidence-based” penal techniques
Sociology Compass 2019-01-11

Scapegoating culture: Misunderstanding organizational culture as the problem in carceral institutions and beyond
Sociology Compass 2019-01-09

Uncompensated emotional labor, racial battle fatigue, and (in)civility in digital spaces
Sociology Compass 2019-01-09

Organizations as the building blocks of social inequalities
Sociology Compass 2019-01-03

Religion and progressive politics in the United States
Sociology Compass 2018-12-21

Crimmigration and militarization: Policing borders in the era of social control profitability
Sociology Compass 2018-12-20

Media, ‘Fat Panic’ and Public Pedagogy: Mapping Contested Terrain
Sociology Compass 2018-12-18

Indigenous Immigrants from Latin America (IILA): Racial/Ethnic Identity in the U.S.
Sociology Compass 2018-12-14

Trust, scepticism, and social order: A contribution from the sociology of scientific knowledge
Sociology Compass 2018-12-13

Envisioning a feminist urban ethnography: Structure, culture, and new directions in poverty studies
Sociology Compass 2018-12-12

Green Criminology and Environmental Crimes and Harms
Sociology Compass 2018-12-07

(No title)
Sociology Compass 2018-12-04

Issue Information
Sociology Compass 2018-12-04

Teaching & Learning Guide for: The experience and meaning of same-sex sexuality among heterosexually identified men and women: An analytic review
Sociology Compass 2018-11-13

Social media and policing: A review of recent research
Sociology Compass 2018-11-08

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