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Publisher: Wiley
Founded in: 2007
URL: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/17519020
• 101/146 in Sociology (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Sociology

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     Average: 1.5
     Median: 2
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     Average: 94
     Median: 79
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     Average: 2.4
     Median: 2

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Latest papers

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Police militarization in the United States
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Mediatization: Conceptual developments and research domains
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“Old age” as a social location: Theorizing institutional processes, cultural expectations, and interactional practices
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An argument for context-driven intersectionality
Sociology Compass 2019-02-22

Sexual orientation at work: Documenting and understanding wage inequality
Sociology Compass 2019-02-21

Contemporary organizational theory: The demographic, relational, and cultural perspectives
Sociology Compass 2019-02-15

Beyond economic insecurity and cultural backlash: Economic nationalism and the rise of the far right
Sociology Compass 2019-02-14

The production of trans illegality: Cisnormativity in the U.S. immigration system
Sociology Compass 2019-02-12

Science, technology, and sexuality: New directions in the study of sexual knowledge
Sociology Compass 2019-02-12

Pleasure, power, and pain: A review of the literature on the experiences of BDSM participants
Sociology Compass 2019-02-12

The power and limits of institutions in altering the racial hierarchy of the United States: A new lens on the history of school desegregation
Sociology Compass 2019-02-08

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