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Association: Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS) (@ASFS_org)
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Latest papers

Making taste public: ethnographies of food and the senses
Food, Culture & Society 2019-04-16

Narrating terroir: the place-making of wine in China’s southwest
Food, Culture & Society 2019-04-12

Challenges of building alternatives: the experience of a consumer food co-operative in Istanbul
Food, Culture & Society 2019-04-11

Chop suey and sushi from sea to shining sea: Chinese and Japanese restaurants in the United States
Food, Culture & Society 2019-04-08

Creole Italian: Sicilian immigrants and the shaping of New Orleans food culture
Food, Culture & Society 2019-04-04

Supermarket USA: food and power in the Cold War farms race
Food, Culture & Society 2019-04-04

Editor’s note
Food, Culture & Society 2019-04-03

Digital food activism
Food, Culture & Society 2019-04-03

The contradictions of a superfood consumerism in a postfeminist, neoliberal world
Food, Culture & Society 2019-03-28

Taking humor seriously in contemporary food research
Food, Culture & Society 2019-03-27

The political dimension of consumption work, or political consumption as work: how French households do gatekeeping on the food market
Food, Culture & Society 2019-03-22

The chef and the flavorist: reflections on the value of sensory expertise
Food, Culture & Society 2019-03-21

A personal history of sensory science
Food, Culture & Society 2019-03-21

Teatimes: a world tour
Food, Culture & Society 2019-03-21

Mouth work: bodily action in sensory science
Food, Culture & Society 2019-03-19

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