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Latest papers

Exemplars as Argumentative Strategy in Broadcast News: Analyzing the Case of Chile
Journalism Practice 2019-05-22

Modelling Quoting in Newswriting: A Framework for Studies on the Production of News
Journalism Practice 2019-05-21

Six Uses of Analytics: Digital Editors’ Perceptions of Audience Analytics in the Newsroom
Journalism Practice 2019-05-17

A Typology of News Sourcing: Routine and Non-Routine Channels of Production
Journalism Practice 2019-05-14

Covering Mindanao: The Safety of Local vs. Non-local Journalists in the Field
Journalism Practice 2019-05-09

How can Journalists Promote News Credibility? Effects of Evidences on Trust and Credibility
Journalism Practice 2019-04-23

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Journalism Students’ Interpretive Repertoires for a Changing Occupation
Journalism Practice 2019-04-08

I Got a New Puppy! The Impact of Personal, Opinion, and Objective Tweets on a Journalist’s and a News Organization’s Perceived Credibility
Journalism Practice 2019-04-01

Peace Journalism for Conflict Reporting: Insights from Pakistan
Journalism Practice 2019-03-29

A Mirage of Change: Visibility of Politicians on TVE during the 2015 and 2016 General Elections
Journalism Practice 2019-03-29

Journalism in Disguise: Standpoint Theory and the Ethics of Günter Wallraff’s Undercover Immersion
Journalism Practice 2019-03-27

The Literary Construction of Journalism Education: A Review of the Course Literature in the Nordic Academic Journalism Programmes
Journalism Practice 2019-03-26

Fantasy, Pragmatism and Journalistic Socialisation: UK Journalism Students’ Aspirations and Motivations
Journalism Practice 2019-03-20

Missing the Big Wave: Citizens’ Discourses Against the Participatory Formats Adopted by News Media
Journalism Practice 2019-03-18

Evaluating Job Satisfaction of Latino/a Journalists in Multimedia Newsrooms: A Comparative Examination Between 2010 and 2017
Journalism Practice 2019-03-14

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