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Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Founded in: 1928
URL: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/africa
Twitter: @AfricaIai
Association: International African Institute
• 62/85 in Anthropology (Web of Science 2017)
• 36/67 in Area Studies (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Anthropology Area Studies

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     Average: 1.1
     Median: 2
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     Average: 40
     Median: 40

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Latest papers

The political life of the dead Lumumba: Cold War histories and the Congolese student left
Africa 2019-01-16

Learning leadership? Elite Ugandan students and late colonial politics
Africa 2019-01-16

Student/teachers from Turfloop: the propagation of Black Consciousness in South African schools, 1972–76
Africa 2019-01-16

Creating a ‘monster’: the National Youth Service pre-university training programme, student activism and the Kenyan state, 1978–90
Africa 2019-01-16

Nationalists with no nation: oral history, ZANU(PF) and the meanings of Rhodesian student activism in Zimbabwe
Africa 2019-01-16

Student activism in Niger: subverting the ‘limited pluralism’, 1960–83
Africa 2019-01-16

Introduction: student activism in an era of decolonization
Africa 2019-01-16

‘Shama will not dance’: University of Khartoum politics, 1964–69
Africa 2019-01-16

Negotiating the German Democratic Republic: Angolan student migration during the Cold War, 1976–90
Africa 2019-01-16

Agents of dissent: African student organizations in the German Democratic Republic
Africa 2019-01-16

Alex de Waal, Mass Starvation: the history and future of famine. Cambridge: Polity Press (hb £55 – 978 1 5095 2466 2; pb £16.99 – 978 1 5095 2467 9). 2018, xiv + 260 pp.
Africa 2018-11-07

Seeing the unseeing audience: women and West African power association masquerades
Africa 2018-11-07

Shifting alliances in accessing the underground
Africa 2018-11-07

Chris Huggins, Agricultural Reform in Rwanda: authoritarianism, markets and zones of governance. London: Zed Books (hb £65 – 978 1 78699 000 6). 2017, 214 pp.
Africa 2018-11-07

Art and the individual in African masquerades Introduction
Africa 2018-11-07

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