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Latest papers

The early settlement of Northern Europe
Antiquity 2019-02-18

Investigations at Naḥal Roded 110: a Late Neolithic ritual site in the southern Negev
Antiquity 2019-02-18

‘Meet the Vikings’—or meet halfway? The new Viking display at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen
Antiquity 2019-02-18

Mapping Gerasa: a new and open data map of the site
Antiquity 2019-02-18

New Book Chronicle
Antiquity 2019-02-18

Filling gaps in Aegean deep histories? Evaluating quartz concentrations from Koupharika-Krotiria on Kythera, Greece
Antiquity 2019-02-18

Ian Hodder. Religion, history, and place in the origin of settled life. 2018. Boulder: University Press of Colorado; 978-1-60732-736-3 $75.
Antiquity 2019-02-18

Mirabad-e Emam Qoli: a newly discovered Sassanid-era fire temple in south-eastern Iran
Antiquity 2019-02-18

Antiquity 2019-02-18

Late Bronze–Iron Age fortification complexes of the historical Javakheti region, Georgia
Antiquity 2019-02-18

‘They came from the ends of the earth’: long-distance exchange of obsidian in the High Arctic during the Early Holocene
Antiquity 2019-02-18

FINDER project: collagen fingerprinting (ZooMS) for the identification of new human fossils
Antiquity 2019-02-18

Imaging the gods: animal mummies from Tomb 3508, North Saqqara, Egypt
Antiquity 2019-02-18

Andy M. Jones & Henrietta Quinnell (ed.). An intellectual adventurer in archaeology: reflections on the work of Charles Thomas. 2018. Oxford: Archaeopress; 978-1-78491-861-3 £44.
Antiquity 2019-02-18

Alasdair Whittle. The times of their lives: hunting history in the archaeology of Neolithic Europe. 2018. Oxford: Oxbow; 978-1-78570-668-4 £40.
Antiquity 2019-02-18

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