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Category: Anthropology

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     Median: 15
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The ironworking remains in the royal city of Meroe: new insights on the Nile corridor and the Kingdom of Kush
Antiquity 2019-02-11

The earliest Bronze Age culture of the south-eastern Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Antiquity 2019-02-11

A well-preserved Michelsberg Culture domed oven from Kortrijk, Belgium
Antiquity 2019-02-11

The destroyer of worlds hidden in the forest: Cold War nuclear warhead sites in Poland
Antiquity 2019-01-21

Quartz crystal materiality in Terminal Pleistocene Lesotho
Antiquity 2019-01-21

Public archaeology cannot just ‘fly at dusk’: the reality and complexities of generating public impact
Antiquity 2018-12-11

The Brexit hypothesis and prehistory
Antiquity 2018-12-11

The Brexit syndrome: towards a hostile historic environment?
Antiquity 2018-12-11

Graeme Cavers & Anne Crone. A lake dwelling in its landscape: Iron Age settlement at Cults Loch, Castle Kennedy, Dumfries & Galloway. 2018. Oxford & Philadelphia: Oxbow; 978-1-785-70373-7 £36.
Antiquity 2018-12-11

Historical ecology and archaeology in theory and practice
Antiquity 2018-12-11

Spice and rice: pepper, cloves and everyday cereal foods at the ancient port of Mantai, Sri Lanka
Antiquity 2018-12-11

Gaining traction on cattle exploitation: zooarchaeological evidence from the Neolithic Western Balkans
Antiquity 2018-12-11

New evidence for late first-millennium AD stilt-house settlements in Eastern Amazonia
Antiquity 2018-12-11

Globalisation vs the state? Macro- and micro-perspectives on Roman economies
Antiquity 2018-12-11

Ancient China reconsidered
Antiquity 2018-12-11

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