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Latest papers

The role of populist strategies in differing outcomes of corruption scandals in Brazil and Turkey
Turkish Studies 2019-05-20

Religious politics in Turkey: from the birth of the republic to the AKP
Turkish Studies 2019-05-10

Introduction: special issue on EU-induced policy change in Turkey’s environment and energy policy
Turkish Studies 2019-05-10

Faithful encounters. Authorities and American missionaries in the Ottoman Empire
Turkish Studies 2019-05-10

How do Turks abroad vote?
Turkish Studies 2019-04-27

The transformation of the political position of the Armenian community in Istanbul vis-à-vis the declaration of the Republic of Turkey
Turkish Studies 2019-04-18

What did the Turkish climate movement learn from a global policy failure? Frame shift after the Copenhagen Climate Summit
Turkish Studies 2019-04-11

The AKP’s de-securitization and re-securitization of a minority community: the Alevi opening and closing
Turkish Studies 2019-04-11

The urbanization policy of Turkey: an uneasy symbiosis of unimplemented policy with centralized pragmatic interventions
Turkish Studies 2019-04-06

Policy learning: an understudied mechanism of EU influence on Turkish domestic politics
Turkish Studies 2019-04-06

The road to Gezi: resistance and counter-publics in 21st century Turkey
Turkish Studies 2019-03-18

The European Union’s refugee crisis and rising functionalism in EU-Turkey relations
Turkish Studies 2019-03-09

Between Military Rule and Democracy: Regime Consolidation in Greece, Turkey, and Beyond
Turkish Studies 2019-02-21

Turkey’s Erdoğan: leadership style and foreign policy audiences
Turkish Studies 2019-02-10

Overconfidence and risk taking in foreign policy decision making: the case of Turkey’s Syria policy
Turkish Studies 2019-01-23

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