International Peacekeeping

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Latest papers

Peacekeeping, Latin America and the UN Charter’s Chapter VIII: Past Initiatives and Future Prospects
International Peacekeeping 2019-03-13

Local Peacebuilding in a Victor’s Peace. Why Local Peace Fails Without National Reconciliation
International Peacekeeping 2019-03-02

From Blue to Green? Environmentalization and Securitization in UN Peacekeeping Practices
International Peacekeeping 2019-02-21

Realism Trumps Humanitarianism in Africa
International Peacekeeping 2019-01-10

Putting Human Rights up Front: Implications for Impartiality and the Politics of UN Peacekeeping
International Peacekeeping 2019-01-09

The Local/International Interface in Peacebuilding: Experiences from Bougainville and Sierra Leone
International Peacekeeping 2019-01-09

Contracting Security: Markets in the Making of MONUSCO Peacekeeping
International Peacekeeping 2019-01-02

Peacebuilding: Understandings, Practice, and the Way Ahead
International Peacekeeping 2018-12-28

Where is Humanitarianism Going?
International Peacekeeping 2018-12-28

Paternalism beyond borders
International Peacekeeping 2018-12-26

First Peace, then Democracy? Evaluating Strategies of International Support at Critical Junctures after Civil War
International Peacekeeping 2018-12-18

The politics of international intervention: the tyranny of peace
International Peacekeeping 2018-12-18

Re-Importing the ‘Robust Turn’ in UN Peacekeeping: Internal Public Security Missions of Brazil’s Military
International Peacekeeping 2018-12-03

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