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Latest papers

A ‘Primus Inter Pares’ in EU Foreign Policy? – German Leadership in the European Council during the Libyan and Ukrainian Crises
German Politics 2019-03-18

Die politischen Parteien in der deutschen Islamdebatte. Konfliktlinien, Entwicklungen und Empfehlungen
German Politics 2019-03-14

Promoting or Controlling Political Decisions? Citizen Preferences for Direct-Democratic Institutions in Germany
German Politics 2019-03-14

Risk vs Reward Strategies in Indirect Presidential Elections: Political Parties and the Selection of Presidential Electors in Germany, 1949–2017
German Politics 2019-03-11

Get the Party Started: The Social Policy of the Grand Coalition 2013–2017
German Politics 2019-03-02

The Political Economy of the SPD Reconsidered: Evidence from the Great Recession
German Politics 2019-02-28

Germany and the European Union: Europe’s Reluctant Hegemon?
German Politics 2019-02-27

Zwischen Stillstand, Politikwandel und Krisenmanagement. Eine Bilanz der Regierung Merkel 2013–2017
German Politics 2019-01-31

The Individual-Level Determinants of Exiting German Parties
German Politics 2019-01-25

Poliheuristic Theory and Germany’s (Non-)Participation in Multinational Military Interventions. The Non-compensatory Principle, Coalition Politics and Political Survival
German Politics 2019-01-17

Taking Refuge in Leadership? Facilitators and Constraints of Germany's Influence in EU Migration Policy and EU-Turkey Affairs during the Refugee Crisis (2015–2016)
German Politics 2019-01-17

Immigration-related Speechmaking in a Party-constrained Parliament: Evidence from the ‘Refugee Crisis’ of the 18th German Bundestag (2013–2017)
German Politics 2019-01-11

From Sick Man of Europe to the German Economic Power House. Two Narratives: Ordoliberalism versus Euro-Currency Regime
German Politics 2019-01-09

Refugees Welcome? Reforms of German Asylum Policies Between 2013 and 2017 and Germany’s Transformation into an Immigration Country
German Politics 2019-01-09

Germany in European Diplomacy: Minilateralism as a Tool for Leadership
German Politics 2019-01-04

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