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Latest papers

Germany as a Dividual Actor: Competing Social Logics and their Political Articulations
German Politics 2019-05-21

The Challenge of Creating an Adaptive Bundeswehr
German Politics 2019-05-07

Der Bundesrat in der Parteiendemokratie. Aufgabe, Struktur und Wirkung der Länderkammer im föderalen Gefüge
German Politics 2019-05-03

Beyond Culture and Power: The Role of Party Ideologies in German Foreign and Security Policy
German Politics 2019-05-03

Introduction: German Party Membership in the 21st Century
German Politics 2019-04-17

German Politics 2019-04-17

Learning to Lead? Germany and the Leadership Paradox in EU Foreign Policy
German Politics 2019-04-16

The Individual-Level Determinants of German Party Membership
German Politics 2019-04-10

Federal-level Government Participation and State-level Electoral Performance: A Party-based Analysis of Land Elections in Germany, 1949–2017
German Politics 2019-04-09

The Erosion of German Elite Trust in the United States of America
German Politics 2019-03-22

A ‘Primus Inter Pares’ in EU Foreign Policy? – German Leadership in the European Council during the Libyan and Ukrainian Crises
German Politics 2019-03-18

Die politischen Parteien in der deutschen Islamdebatte. Konfliktlinien, Entwicklungen und Empfehlungen
German Politics 2019-03-14

Promoting or Controlling Political Decisions? Citizen Preferences for Direct-Democratic Institutions in Germany
German Politics 2019-03-14

Risk vs Reward Strategies in Indirect Presidential Elections: Political Parties and the Selection of Presidential Electors in Germany, 1949–2017
German Politics 2019-03-11

Get the Party Started: The Social Policy of the Grand Coalition 2013–2017
German Politics 2019-03-02

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