German Politics

The statistics shown below contain data since 1 November 2018.
Basic Information
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Founded in: 1992
Twitter: @GermanPolJnl
Association: International Association for the Study of German Politics (IASGP) (@IASGP)
Category: Political Science
• 102 / 235 in Political Science & International Relations
‣ 83 / 182 in Political Science

Authors per paper:
     Average: 2
     Median: 2
References per paper:
     Average: 47
     Median: 45

Journal Impact Factor (JIF) for German Politics:

  • 2020 Impact Factor: 2.159
  • 2019 Impact Factor: 0.902
  • 2018 Impact Factor: 1.464

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Philipp Scherer N/A
Melanie Dietz N/A
Sigrid Roßteutscher N/A
Lars-Christopher Stövsand N/A
Almut Peukert N/A
David Howarth Luxembourg
Moritz Sommer N/A
Priska Daphi Germany