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The practice of socialist internationalism: European socialists and international politics, 1914–1960
Cold War History 2019-05-22

Diplomacy beyond deterrence: Helmut Schmidt and the economic dimension of Ostpolitik
Cold War History 2019-05-20

Revolutionaries for the Right: anticommunist internationalism and paramilitary warfare in the Cold War
Cold War History 2019-05-16

A certain idea of France: the life of Charles de Gaulle
Cold War History 2019-05-06

The postcolonial cultural transaction: rethinking the Guinea crisis within the French cultural strategy for Africa, 1958–60
Cold War History 2019-04-29

Iraq, the United States, and the long shadow of the Cold War
Cold War History 2019-04-15

The Middle East and the Cold War
Cold War History 2019-04-09

Reassessment of Beijing’s economic and military aid to Hanoi’s War, 1964–75
Cold War History 2019-04-08

‘In my file, I am two different people’: Max Gluckman and A.L. Epstein, the Australian National University, and Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, 1958–60
Cold War History 2019-04-03

Strange bedfellows at the end of the Cold War: the Letelier assassination, human rights, and state sovereignty
Cold War History 2019-04-01

Taming the Wild Dragon: John F. Kennedy and the Republic of China, 1961–63
Cold War History 2019-03-29

Berlin commander: Maxwell Taylor at the Cold War’s frontlines, 1949–51
Cold War History 2019-03-27

The political economy of Welfare State and the China-Burma relationship
Cold War History 2019-03-27

Tending the flock: German Lutherans, reconstruction, and prisoners of war
Cold War History 2019-03-27

Poland’s double game strategy during the US-Iranian crises (1979–88)
Cold War History 2019-03-20

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