Crime, Media, Culture

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Latest papers

Persistence and career criminality: Enjoying crime!
Crime, Media, Culture 2019-04-18

Claims-making, child saving, and the news media
Crime, Media, Culture 2019-03-28

The shackles and the palm tree
Crime, Media, Culture 2019-03-25

Criminal justice in the middlebrow imagination: The punitive dimensions of Making a Murderer
Crime, Media, Culture 2019-03-22

Problematizing ‘pro-feminist’ depictions of female on male rape: American Horror Story’s ‘Rape of the Monsignor’
Crime, Media, Culture 2019-03-22

Book review: Cameron Holley and Clifford Shearing (eds), Criminology and the Anthropocene
Crime, Media, Culture 2019-03-22

Streets of the ‘spice zombies’: Dependence and poverty stigma in times of austerity
Crime, Media, Culture 2019-03-22

Book review: Monish Bhatia, Scott Poynting and Waqas Tufail (eds), Media, Crime and Racism
Crime, Media, Culture 2019-03-20

Book review: Mark Hamm and Ramon Spaaij, The Age of Lone Wolf Terrorism
Crime, Media, Culture 2019-03-18

Book review: Sarah Smarsh, Heartland: A Memoir of Working Hard and Being Broke in the Richest Country in the World
Crime, Media, Culture 2019-03-09

The spectacle of discipline and punish: The tableau, the diagram and the calligram
Crime, Media, Culture 2019-02-22

Film Review: Spike Lee (dir.), BlacKkKlansman
Crime, Media, Culture 2019-02-15

The commodification of mobile phone surveillance: An analysis of the consumer spyware industry
Crime, Media, Culture 2019-01-29

Signs of trouble: Semiotics, streetscapes, and the Republican struggle in the North of Ireland
Crime, Media, Culture 2019-01-14

Benjamin’s ‘flâneur’ and serial murder: An ultra-realist literary case study of Levi Bellfield
Crime, Media, Culture 2018-12-14

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