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Latest papers

Social Media and Participation in Different Socio-political Contexts: Cases of Estonia and Finland
Young 2019-03-28

Feminist Reggaeton in Spain: Young Women Subverting Machismo Through ‘Perreo’
Young 2019-03-27

From Youthful Experimentation to Professional Identity: Understanding Identity Transitions in Social Media
Young 2019-03-27

Book Review: L. Pangrazio, Young People’s Literacies in the Digital Age: Continuities, Conflicts and Contradictions
Young 2019-03-27

Non-linear Transitions: An Intergenerational Longitudinal Study of Today’s Young Women in Education and Work
Young 2019-03-05

‘I Love this Place, but I Won’t Stay’: Identification with Place and Imagined Spatial Futures Among Youth Living in Rural Areas in Sweden
Young 2019-02-22

Youth Responses to the Surveillance School: The Bifurcation of Antagonism and Confidence in Surveillance among Teenaged Students
Young 2019-02-21

Book Review: Judith Bessant, Rys Farthing and Rob Watts, The Precarious Generation: A Political Economy of Young People
Young 2019-02-21

From Life-course Expectations to Societal Concerns: Seeking Young Adults’ Perspectives on Generational Narratives
Young 2019-02-21

Giving Back to the World, the Nation and the Family: Cosmopolitan Meaning-making and Notions of Solidarity Among Young Elite Students
Young 2019-02-11

Learning from Young People Engaged in Climate Activism: The Potential of Collectivizing Despair and Hope
Young 2019-02-11

On the Search for Social Esteem: An Ethnography on the Meanings of Football for Marginalized Male Migrants
Young 2018-12-17

Youth Reports of Parental Strategies and Sense of Coherence: Are Experiences of Being Victim of Physical Abuse Reflected?
Young 2018-11-01

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