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Category: Political Science

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Latest papers

Beyond identity lines: women building peace in Northern Ireland and the Korean peninsula
Asia Europe Journal 2019-06-17

The DPRK’s economic exchanges with Russia and the EU since 2000: an analysis of institutional effects and the case of the Russian Far East
Asia Europe Journal 2019-05-30

The region that isn't: China, Russia and the failure of regional integration in Central Asia
Asia Europe Journal 2019-05-29

Friends or foes? How diverging views of communist past undermine the China-CEE ‘16+1 platform’
Asia Europe Journal 2019-05-27

Security threat: a reality or right-wing political discourse phenomenon
Asia Europe Journal 2019-05-24

Remaking Eurasia: the Belt and Road Initiative and China-Russia strategic partnership
Asia Europe Journal 2019-05-22

The EU-Japan free trade agreement in evolving global trade politics
Asia Europe Journal 2019-05-07

The “Eastern Polygon” of the Trans-Siberian rail line: a critical factor for assessing Russia’s strategy toward Eurasia and the Asia-Pacific
Asia Europe Journal 2019-05-06

Power through trade: opportunities and constraints of the European Union’s norm entrepreneurship—the case of Hong Kong
Asia Europe Journal 2019-05-02

Closer to a threat than an opportunity: Polish perception of China’s rise and international engagement
Asia Europe Journal 2019-04-30

Czech perceptions of the rise of China: a survey among university students
Asia Europe Journal 2019-04-26

The rules of origin in the EU–Japan relations from the 1980s to the EPA and BREXIT
Asia Europe Journal 2019-04-08

Research progress in Chinese perceptions of the EU: a critical review and methodological reflection
Asia Europe Journal 2019-04-05

Answering economic inequality other than with populism and protectionism: the Danish formula of inclusive capitalism
Asia Europe Journal 2019-02-21

Leadership-building dilemmas in emerging powers’ economic diplomacy: Russia’s energy diplomacy and China’s OBOR
Asia Europe Journal 2019-02-13

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