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A Framework for Assessing Impacts of Wild Meat Hunting Practices in the Tropics
Human Ecology 2019-06-08

The Socio-Ecological Dynamics of Food Insecurity among Subsistence-Oriented Indigenous Communities in Amazonia: a Qualitative Examination of Coping Strategies among Riverine Communities along the Caquetá River, Colombia
Human Ecology 2019-06-08

Historical Ecologies of Pastoralist Overgrazing in Kenya: Long-Term Perspectives on Cause and Effect
Human Ecology 2019-05-18

Agricultural Frontiers, Health Care, and Population Size Impact the Recovery Patterns of Brazilian Indigenous Nations
Human Ecology 2019-05-07

Pumping Yemen Dry: A History of Yemen’s Water Crisis
Human Ecology 2019-04-30

Correction to: Hiding in the Dark: Local Ecological Knowledge about Slow Loris in Sarawak Sheds Light on Relationships between Human Populations and Wild Animals
Human Ecology 2019-04-30

Exploring Diversity in Forest Management Outlooks of African American Family Forest Landowners for Ensuring Sustainability of Forestry Resources in the Southern United States
Human Ecology 2019-04-09

Impacts of Anthropogenic Land Use/Land Cover on the Distribution of Invasive Aquatic Macrophytes in Tropical Floodplains: a Case Study from the Barak River Basin in Northeast India
Human Ecology 2019-04-07

The Changing Role of Camels among the Bedouin of the Negev
Human Ecology 2019-03-29

Divine Placebo: Health and the Evolution of Religion
Human Ecology 2019-03-28

Variability and Change in Maasai Views of Wildlife and the Implications for Conservation
Human Ecology 2019-03-27

Spatial Distribution and Abundance of Acacia mangium on Indigenous Lands in the Serra da Lua Region, Roraima State, Brazil
Human Ecology 2019-03-22

Understanding the Sociocultural Drivers of Urban Bushmeat Consumption for Behavior Change Interventions in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo
Human Ecology 2019-03-18

Green Territoriality: Conservation as State Territorialization in a Resource Frontier
Human Ecology 2019-03-11

Protected Areas Fund Rural Household Dispersal to Urban Areas in Riverine Amazonia
Human Ecology 2019-02-28

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