Human Ecology

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Latest papers

Understanding the Sociocultural Drivers of Urban Bushmeat Consumption for Behavior Change Interventions in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo
Human Ecology 2019-03-18

Green Territoriality: Conservation as State Territorialization in a Resource Frontier
Human Ecology 2019-03-11

Protected Areas Fund Rural Household Dispersal to Urban Areas in Riverine Amazonia
Human Ecology 2019-02-28

Oil Sands Extraction in Alberta, Canada: a Review of Impacts and Processes Concerning Indigenous Peoples
Human Ecology 2019-02-23

Andy Bruno: The Nature of Soviet Power. An Arctic Environmental History
Human Ecology 2019-02-22

Integrating Multiple Sources to Reconstruct the Pre- and Early Postcolonial Forests of the Chesapeake: 1588–1838
Human Ecology 2019-02-19

Forest Fire and Indigenous Sami Land Use: Place Names, Fire Dynamics, and Ecosystem Change in Northern Scandinavia
Human Ecology 2019-02-08

Contribution of Buffer Zone Programs to Reduce Human-Wildlife Impacts: the Case of the Chitwan National Park, Nepal
Human Ecology 2019-01-31

A Crisis of Confidence: Stakeholder Experiences of REDD+ in Indonesia
Human Ecology 2019-01-25

Air Quality and Visitor Behavior in U.S. Protected Areas
Human Ecology 2019-01-15

Adaptation to Climate Change in an Interior Pacific Island Village: a Case Study of Nawairuku, Ra, Fiji
Human Ecology 2019-01-14

Dominique Lestel, Author and Gary Steiner, Translator: Eat this Book: a Carnivore’s Manifesto
Human Ecology 2019-01-14

Berry Plants and Berry Picking in Inuit Nunangat: Traditions in a Changing Socio-Ecological Landscape
Human Ecology 2019-01-11

Taste and Knowledge: the Social Construction of Quality in the Organic Wine Market
Human Ecology 2019-01-10

Agricultural Biodiversity Maintenance in a Coastal Socio-Ecological System: the Pearl Lagoon Basin, Nicaragua
Human Ecology 2019-01-08

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