Human Studies

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Founded in: 1978
URL: https://link.springer.com/journal/10746
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Category: Sociology

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Latest papers

Human Studies 2019-04-08

The Social Undecidedness Relation
Human Studies 2019-03-28

Machina Sapiens: Digital Posthumanism from the Perspective of Plessner’s Logic of Levels
Human Studies 2019-03-14

Being Together, Worlds Apart: A Virtual-Worldly Phenomenology
Human Studies 2019-03-13

Common Understandings of and Consensus About Collective Action: The Transformation of Specifically Vague Proposals as a Collective Achievement
Human Studies 2019-03-07

Alfred Schutz’s Fragments on Social Roles as a Phenomenological Alternate to Mainstream Sociology
Human Studies 2019-03-06

From Garfinkel’s ‘Experiments in Miniature’ to the Ethnomethodological Analysis of Interaction
Human Studies 2019-02-28

Kelly Oliver: Carceral Humanitarianism: Logics of Refugee Detention
Human Studies 2019-02-20

“Torture is Putting it Too Strongly, Boredom is Putting it Too Mildly”: The Courage to Tell the Truth in the Late Lectures of Michel Foucault
Human Studies 2019-02-18

Beyond Postphenomenolgy: Ihde’s Heidegger and the Problem of Authenticity
Human Studies 2019-02-04

Heideggerian Phenomenology, Practical Ontologies and the Link Between Experience and Practices
Human Studies 2019-02-04

Morality in Scientific Practice: The Relevance and Risks of Situated Scientific Knowledge in Application-Oriented Social Research
Human Studies 2019-01-24

Eccentric Positionality: On Kant, Plessner, and Human Dignity. An Interview with J. M. Bernstein
Human Studies 2018-12-18

Cogitor Ergo Sum: The Origin of Self-awareness in Dyadic Interaction
Human Studies 2018-12-11

Living with Death in Rehabilitation: A Phenomenological Account
Human Studies 2018-11-22

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