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Latest papers

A Meta-Analysis into Multiscreening and Advertising Effectiveness: Direct Effects, Moderators, and Underlying Mechanisms
Journal of Advertising 2019-06-11

Exploring the Selective Use of Ad Blockers and Testing Banner Appeals to Reduce Ad Blocking
Journal of Advertising 2019-06-11

Five Seconds to the Ad: How Program-Induced Mood Affects Ad Countdown Effects
Journal of Advertising 2019-05-17

Challenging Traditional Culture? How Personal and National Collectivism-Individualism Moderates the Effects of Content Characteristics and Social Relationships on Consumer Engagement with Brand-Related User-Generated Content
Journal of Advertising 2019-05-17

Less “Sponsorship As Advertising” and More Sponsorship-Linked Marketing As Authentic Engagement
Journal of Advertising 2019-05-06

Research Issues and Needs at the Intersection of Advertising and Public Policy
Journal of Advertising 2019-05-02

The Key to 360-Degree Video Advertising: An Examination of the Degree of Narrative Structure
Journal of Advertising 2019-04-26

Expanding the Agenda of Research on Product Placement: A Commercial Intertext
Journal of Advertising 2019-04-25

Advertising in a Media Multitasking Era: Considerations and Future Directions
Journal of Advertising 2019-04-19

Brand Communication in Social Media: A Research Agenda
Journal of Advertising 2019-04-09

Uncharted Territory in Research on Environmental Advertising: Toward an Organizing Framework
Journal of Advertising 2019-04-08

Future Directions for Advertising Creativity Research
Journal of Advertising 2019-04-04

The Role of Emotions in Advertising: A Call to Action
Journal of Advertising 2019-04-03

Product Placement in Mass Media: A Review and Bibliometric Analysis
Journal of Advertising 2019-04-03

The Celebrity Capital Life Cycle: A Framework for Future Research Directions on Celebrity Endorsement
Journal of Advertising 2019-03-22

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