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Latest papers

Losing Self to Discover National Citizenship: Contestations over Parental Rights among the post-Soviet Foreign Wives in China
Geopolitics 2019-06-11

“This Is How We Travel”: Sex, Love, Intimacy and the Border
Geopolitics 2019-05-31

Intimately Inhabiting Borders: Walking In-Between Belonging and Otherness through Constructions of Home
Geopolitics 2019-05-22

Geopolitical Imaginaries of the Space Shuttle Mission Patches
Geopolitics 2019-05-21

Mobilising Dissent in a Digital Age: The Curious Case of Amos Yee
Geopolitics 2019-05-09

The Better to Break and Bleed With: Research, Violence, and Trauma
Geopolitics 2019-05-09

Cross-Border Cooperation as Conflict Transformation: Promises and Limitations in EU Peacebuilding
Geopolitics 2019-05-06

Introduction to the Special Issue: Subterranean Geopolitics
Geopolitics 2019-04-30

The Affective and Intimate Life of the Family Migration Visa: Knowing, Feeling and Encountering the Heteronormative State
Geopolitics 2019-04-26

The Border as a ‘Broken Middle’: Pursuing an Ethical Approach to Bordering
Geopolitics 2019-04-18

Missing from the Map: Chinese Exceptionalism, Sovereignty Regimes and the Belt Road Initiative
Geopolitics 2019-04-15

Special Issue Introduction: “Peripheral Visions: Security By, and For, Whom?”
Geopolitics 2019-03-30

A Subaltern Geopolitics?
Geopolitics 2019-03-30

The Struggle to be Seen and Heard in Israel–Palestine
Geopolitics 2019-03-29

Governmentality, Counter-Memory and the Politics of Street Naming in Ramallah, Palestine
Geopolitics 2019-03-27

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