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Founded in: 1996
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Category: Political Science Geography

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The Actorness of the EU’s State-Building in Ukraine - Before and after Crimea
Geopolitics 2019-01-14

Ukraine and the Big Moral Divide: What Biased Media Coverage Means to East European Borders
Geopolitics 2019-01-09

Defined by the Flood: Alarmism and the Legal Thresholds of US Political Asylum
Geopolitics 2019-01-03

Contested Statehood and EU Actorness in Kosovo, Abkhazia and Western Sahara
Geopolitics 2018-12-21

Writing Stars in the Sky or Decentring the Glocal Discourse of the ‘War(S) on Terror’ through Narratives of Those Displaced
Geopolitics 2018-12-18

Between Normative Visions and Pragmatic Possibilities: The EUropean Politics of State Recognition
Geopolitics 2018-12-18

The So-Called 2015 Migration Crisis and Euroscepticism in Border Regions: Facing Re-Bordering Trends in the Danish–German Borderlands
Geopolitics 2018-12-18

Small Diplomacy: Cultural Cooperation As a Factor Alleviating Societal Tensions. The Case of Lviv and Its Polish Partner Cities
Geopolitics 2018-12-15

The European Union and Practices of Governing Space and Population in Contested States: Insights from EUPOL COPPS in Palestine
Geopolitics 2018-12-12

Beyond Orientalism: Exploring the Distinctive Feminism of Democratic Confederalism in Rojava
Geopolitics 2018-12-11

The Intermarium as a Polish Geopolitical Concept in history and in the Present
Geopolitics 2018-12-06

The Politics of Flexibility: Exploring the Contested Statehood–EU Actorness Nexus in Georgia
Geopolitics 2018-12-05

The European Union in Northern Cyprus: Conceptualising the Avoidance of Contested States
Geopolitics 2018-12-05

Europeanization in Cypriot Borderscapes: Experiencing the Green Line in Everyday Life
Geopolitics 2018-12-04

Hungarian Border Politics as an Anti-Politics of the European Union
Geopolitics 2018-11-27

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