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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Founded in: 1996
URL: https://www.tandfonline.com/loi/fgeo20
Twitter: @geopol_jl
• 51/175 in Political Science (Web of Science 2017)
• 39/82 in Geography (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Political Science Geography

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     Average: 1.4
     Median: 1
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     Average: 58
     Median: 51
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     Average: 5.0
     Median: 3

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Latest papers

Environmental Geopolitics and Outer Space
Geopolitics 2019-03-20

Pipeline Geopolitics: Subaquatic Materials and the Tactical Point
Geopolitics 2019-03-14

Authoritarian cities go global
Geopolitics 2019-03-13

A Coffin for Malthusianism: Josué De Castro’s Subaltern Geopolitics
Geopolitics 2019-03-09

The Geopolitics of Renewables in Kazakhstan and Russia
Geopolitics 2019-03-05

Securing Anticipatory Geographies: Finland’s Arctic Strategy and the Geopolitics of International Competitiveness
Geopolitics 2019-02-22

Atmospheric Border Politics: The Morphology of Migration and Solidarity Practices in Europe
Geopolitics 2019-02-19

Ephemera(l) Geopolitics: The Material Cultures of British Military Recruitment
Geopolitics 2019-02-11

Introduction: Politics on Border – Critical Reflections on the Pakistan–Afghanistan Borderland
Geopolitics 2019-02-06

Spaceport America: Contested Offworld Access and the Everyman Astronaut
Geopolitics 2019-02-04

Deep Routeing and the Making of ‘Maritime Motorways’: Beyond Surficial Geographies of Connection for Governing Global Shipping
Geopolitics 2019-02-01

Imperialism, Technology and Tropicality in Arthur C. Clarke’s Geopolitics of Outer Space
Geopolitics 2019-01-31

Violence, the Body and the Spaces of Intimate War
Geopolitics 2019-01-23

On (In)Definite Topography: National Identity and European and Regional Imaginaries in the Post-1989 Croatian Literary Narratives
Geopolitics 2019-01-21

Evaluating EU Actorness as a State-Builder in ‘Contested’ Kosovo
Geopolitics 2019-01-18

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