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The Ludic Bestiary: Misogynistic Tropes of Female Monstrosity in Dungeons & Dragons
Games and Culture 2019-05-21

Chronotypology: A Comparative Method for Analyzing Game Time
Games and Culture 2019-05-14

The Development of Sports: A Comparative Analysis of the Early Institutionalization of Traditional Sports and E-Sports
Games and Culture 2019-05-13

Worlds at Our Fingertips: Reading (in) What Remains of Edith Finch
Games and Culture 2019-05-03

Children’s Experiences on Learning the 21st-Century Skills With Digital Games
Games and Culture 2019-04-26

(Mis)Representations of Prison: Gender- and Prison-Themed Video Games
Games and Culture 2019-04-26

Kideogames: Reimagining the Fringe of Literary Studies as the Forefront
Games and Culture 2019-04-22

Esports Research: A Literature Review
Games and Culture 2019-04-16

Volatile Memories: Personal Data and Post Human Subjectivity in The Aspern Papers, Analogue: A Hate Story and Tacoma
Games and Culture 2019-04-16

The Presence of Female Designers in French Video Game Industry, 1985–1993
Games and Culture 2019-04-16

Does Streaming Esports Affect Players’ Behavior and Performance?
Games and Culture 2019-04-15

Esports Research: Critical, Empirical, and Historical Studies of Competitive Videogame Play
Games and Culture 2019-03-15

Straight Paths Through Queer Walking Simulators: Wandering on Rails and Speedrunning in Gone Home
Games and Culture 2019-03-09

The Ontology of Gameplay: Toward a New Theory
Games and Culture 2019-02-13

Beyond Rules and Mechanics: A Different Approach for Ludology
Games and Culture 2019-01-14

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