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Latest papers

Immigration and Preferences for Greater Law Enforcement Spending in Rich Democracies
Social Forces 2019-04-20

Unrealized Educational Expectations and Mental Health: Evidence from a Low-Income Country
Social Forces 2019-04-20

Recovering Inequality: Hurricane Katrina, the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, and the Aftermath of Disaster
Social Forces 2019-04-20

Precarious Lives: Job Insecurity and Well-Being in Rich Democracies
Social Forces 2019-04-06

Working for Respect: Community and Conflict at Walmart
Social Forces 2019-04-03

A Fractured Profession: Commercialism and Conflict in Academic Science
Social Forces 2019-04-03

The Contribution of National Income Inequality to Regional Economic Divergence
Social Forces 2019-03-28

Are Parental Relationships Improved if Fathers Take Time Off of Work After the Birth of a Child?
Social Forces 2019-03-25

Education-Based Status in Comparative Perspective: The Legitimization of Education as a Basis for Social Stratification
Social Forces 2019-03-25

The Legitimation of Extrajudicial Violence in an Urban Community
Social Forces 2019-03-25

The Decline of Cash Assistance and the Well-Being of Poor Households with Children
Social Forces 2019-03-20

White Kids: Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America
Social Forces 2019-03-18

High Tech and High Touch: Headhunting, Technology, and Economic Transformation
Social Forces 2019-03-18

Review of Disability and Aging: Learning from Both to Empower the Lives of Older Adults
Social Forces 2019-03-18

Social Support in America: Stratification and Trends in Access over Two Decades
Social Forces 2019-02-26

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