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Latest papers

Gender, Education, and Physical Health among Adults in Central Mexico
Sociological Perspectives 2019-04-02

Social Capital’s Influence on Environmental Concern in China: An Analysis of the 2010 Chinese General Social Survey
Sociological Perspectives 2019-03-27

“You Can Say I Got Desensitized to It”: How Men of Color Cope with Everyday Racism in Online Gaming
Sociological Perspectives 2019-03-22

Eco-habitus or Eco-powerlessness? Examining Environmental Concern across Social Class
Sociological Perspectives 2019-03-20

Selection versus Socialization? Interrogating the Sources of Secularity in Global Science
Sociological Perspectives 2019-03-18

Environmental Enforcement: An Exploration of Latino Political Representation
Sociological Perspectives 2019-02-25

Employees’ Managed Resentment: Public Procurement and the Part of Emotions in Social Change
Sociological Perspectives 2019-02-15

Educational Expectations of Immigrant Students: Does Tracking Matter?
Sociological Perspectives 2019-02-13

Sources of Friendship and Structurally Induced Homophily across the Life Course
Sociological Perspectives 2019-02-12

“It’s Not Discrimination”: Chinese Migrant Workers’ Perceptions of and Reactions to Racial Microaggressions in Australia
Sociological Perspectives 2019-02-01

Democracy and Infant Mortality in Less-Developed Nations: Dismantling Differences in Direct and Indirect Effects Modeling
Sociological Perspectives 2019-01-25

From Apple to Orange: Narratives of Small City Migration and Settlement among the Urban Middle Class
Sociological Perspectives 2018-12-20

The Mobilizing Effects of Economic Threats and Resources on the Formation of Local Occupy Wall Street Protest Groups in 2011
Sociological Perspectives 2018-12-13

“It’s Like Going Back in Time”: How White Retirees Use Expatriation to Reclaim White Dominance
Sociological Perspectives 2018-12-12

Filipinos Love Serving Others: Negotiating a Filipino Identity in Hawai’i
Sociological Perspectives 2018-12-12

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