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Latest papers

Elite without Elitism? Boundary Work and the Israeli Elite Philanthropy in a Changing Field of Power
Social Problems 2019-06-03

Revisiting the Egyptian Uprising of 2011: Exploring the Role of Relational Networks within the Cairo-Based Political Opposition
Social Problems 2019-06-03

The Carceral Creep: Gender-Based Violence, Race, and the Expansion of the Punitive State, 1973–1983
Social Problems 2019-05-30

Presidential Address: Abolitionist Approaches to Social Problems
Social Problems 2019-05-15

Racialized Equity Labor, University Appropriation and Student Resistance
Social Problems 2019-05-13

Searching for Work with a Criminal Record
Social Problems 2019-05-07

Code of the Tweet: Urban Gang Violence in the Social Media Age
Social Problems 2019-04-27

Boundary Articulation and Emergent Identities: Asian and Hispanic Panethnicity in Comparison 1970-1980
Social Problems 2019-04-04

Input without Influence: The Silence and Scripts of Police and Community Relations
Social Problems 2019-04-04

Pervasive Penality: How the Criminalization of Poverty Perpetuates Homelessness
Social Problems 2019-03-29

Race and the Accumulation of Wealth: Racial Differences in Net Worth over the Life Course, 1989-2009
Social Problems 2019-03-27

“In Today's Market, Your Food Chooses You”: News Media Constructions of Responsibility for Health through Home Cooking
Social Problems 2019-03-27

Beyond Neighborhoods: Activity Spaces of Returning Prisoners
Social Problems 2019-03-21

Multilevel Effects of Parental Incarceration on Adult Children’s Neighborhood Disadvantage
Social Problems 2019-03-09

Role Modeling Responsibility: The Essential Father Discourse in Responsible Fatherhood Programming and Policy
Social Problems 2019-01-29

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