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Latest papers

To Tell or Not to Tell: Student Responses to Negative Behavior in Elementary School
Sociological Quarterly 2019-06-20

“Establishing the Conservative Phenomenon”
Sociological Quarterly 2019-06-20

The Institutionalization of Anti-Business Protest, 1960–1995
Sociological Quarterly 2019-06-20

Organizational Activities and Property-Crime Victimization
Sociological Quarterly 2019-06-04

Fear of Fraudulence: Graduate School Program Environments and the Impostor Phenomenon
Sociological Quarterly 2019-05-03

Victim or Villain? Racial/Ethnic Differences in News Portrayals of Individuals with Mental Illness Killed by Police
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-22

The Forces of Imperialism: Internalist and Global Explanations of the Anglo-European Empires, 1750–1960
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-22

Suicidality and Sport in 41 Metropolitan areas, 2006–2007 and 2009–2010
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-22

The Religiously Unaffiliated in Germany, 1949–2013: Contrasting Patterns of Social Change in East and West
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-22

Reactionary Tribalism Redux: Right-Wing Populism and De-Democratization
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-22

The Politics of Cruelty
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-22

Authoritarianism Reimagined: The Riddle of Trump’s Base
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-22

The Prestige Elite in Sociology: Toward a Collective Biography of the Most Cited Scholars (1970-2010)
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-16

Political Moderation and Polarization in the Heartland: Economics, Rurality, and Social Identity in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-12

Pass the iPad: Assessing the Relationship between Tech Use during Family Meals and Parental Reports of Closeness to Their Children
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-05

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