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Latest papers

The Prestige Elite in Sociology: Toward a Collective Biography of the Most Cited Scholars (1970-2010)
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-16

Political Moderation and Polarization in the Heartland: Economics, Rurality, and Social Identity in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-12

The Insecurity Gradient in Health: How Inequality in the Distribution of Job Insecurity Matters for the Relationship between Job Insecurity and Self-Rated Health in Europe
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-05

Pass the iPad: Assessing the Relationship between Tech Use during Family Meals and Parental Reports of Closeness to Their Children
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-05

Personal Networks and Participation: Relational Mechanisms for the Local and Transnational Civic Involvement of Immigrants
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-03

The Educational Gradient in Trust in Politicians in the Netherlands: A Status-Based Cultural Conflict
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-03

Islamic Strangers: The Effects of Religious Beliefs and Network Closure on Muslim Identity in the United States
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-02

What Does Trauma Have to Do with Politics? Cultural Trauma and the Displaced Founding Political Elites of Israel and Turkey
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-02

Instituting the Self-Regulating Consumer: Fake Fighters, Netizens, and Rights’ Defenders in China
Sociological Quarterly 2019-04-02

Expectation Formation for All? Group Differences in Student Response to Signals about Academic Performance
Sociological Quarterly 2019-03-29

Fewer Women Doing More Crime: How Has the One-Child Policy Affected Female Crime in China?
Sociological Quarterly 2019-03-29

Ethnic Intermediation in Contemporary Buenos Aires
Sociological Quarterly 2019-03-29

Predicting Racial Disparities in Nursing Home Admission: The Role of Discrimination, Stressors, and Neighborhood Context
Sociological Quarterly 2019-03-21

“That’s Still Home”: Constructing Second-Generation Place Attachment and Place Identity via Time Work
Sociological Quarterly 2019-03-21

The Truly Advantaged: Examining the Effects of Privileged Places on Educational Attainment
Sociological Quarterly 2019-03-18

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