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Latest papers

Mommy in Waiting
Health Communication 2019-06-24

Verbal Quantifiers and Communicating Painkiller Side Effect Risk
Health Communication 2019-06-21

Effects of Freedom Restoration, Language Variety, and Issue Type on Psychological Reactance
Health Communication 2019-06-21

Breaking Good
Health Communication 2019-06-18

A Social Networks Approach to Understanding Vaccine Conversations on Twitter: Network Clusters, Sentiment, and Certainty in HPV Social Networks
Health Communication 2019-06-14

Talking about TV: Mother-Daughter Viewing and Discussion of an Entertainment Narrative about Teen Pregnancy
Health Communication 2019-06-11

No Regrets When It Comes to Your Health: Anticipated Regret, Subjective Norms, Information Insufficiency and Intent to Seek Health Information from Multiple Sources
Health Communication 2019-06-10

Managing Chronic Pain in an Opioid Crisis: What Is the Role of Shared Decision-Making?
Health Communication 2019-06-10

A Qualitative Exploration of “Mother First” Identity and Antiretroviral Adherence among African American Women Living with HIV in the Mid-South Region of the United States
Health Communication 2019-06-05

Continuing Medical Education as a Translational Science Opportunity for Health Communication Researchers: The BCERP Model
Health Communication 2019-06-05

Race, Trust in Doctors, Privacy Concerns, and Consent Preferences for Biobanks
Health Communication 2019-06-05

Communication between Health Professionals and Community Residents in Fukushima: A Focus on the Feedback Loop
Health Communication 2019-06-05

The Patient–Provider Relationship: Predictors of black/African American Cancer Patients’ Perceived Quality of Care and Health Outcomes
Health Communication 2019-06-05

The Utility of Healthcare Providers’ Online Biographies for First-Time Patients: A Year-Long Study within a Clinical Setting
Health Communication 2019-06-04

Celebration Drinking around the Clock
Health Communication 2019-06-04

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