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Association: International Association for Society and Natural Resources (@info_iasnr)
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Latest papers

Living on Other People’s Land; Impacts of Farm Conversions to Game Farming on Farm Dwellers’ Abilities to Access Land in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
Society & Natural Resources 2019-03-20

Lesbian and Queer Sustainable Farmer Networks in the Midwest
Society & Natural Resources 2019-03-20

Assessing Collaborative Conservation: A Case Survey of Output, Outcome, and Impact Measures Used in the Empirical Literature
Society & Natural Resources 2019-03-20

Public Support for Land Acquisition: A Key Instrument for Successful Land Conservation, Governance and Management
Society & Natural Resources 2019-03-11

How do Local People Value Rural Waterways? A Study in the Upper Catchments of South East Queensland’s Rivers
Society & Natural Resources 2019-03-11

Organic Futures: Struggling for Sustainability on the Small Farm
Society & Natural Resources 2019-03-10

Hybrid Neoliberalism: Implications for Sustainable Development
Society & Natural Resources 2019-03-06

An Analysis of Environmental and Economic Impacts of Fossil Fuel Production in the U.S. from 2001 to 2015
Society & Natural Resources 2019-03-01

Revisiting A Theory of Access: A review
Society & Natural Resources 2019-02-18

Access to Ecosystem Benefits: More than Proximity
Society & Natural Resources 2019-02-18

Queer Farmland: Land Access Strategies for Small-Scale Agriculture
Society & Natural Resources 2019-02-18

Advantages and Limitations of Using Mobile Apps for Protected Area Monitoring and Management
Society & Natural Resources 2019-02-18

The Natural Resource Management Planning Portal: Perspectives for NRM Planning and Reporting
Society & Natural Resources 2019-02-08

Fluid Institutions: Commons in Transition in the Periurban Interface
Society & Natural Resources 2019-02-08

Unpacking ‘Success’: Applying Local Perceptions to Interpret Influences of Water Fund Payments for Ecosystem Services in the Ecuadorian Andes
Society & Natural Resources 2019-02-08

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