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The Writing on the…Desk: Desktop Graffiti as Unobtrusive Measure of Campus Climate Before and After the Virginia Tech Massacre
Deviant Behavior 2019-01-16

Cyberbullying perpetration: an empirical test of social learning theory in Iran
Deviant Behavior 2019-01-11

Code in Transition? The Evolution of Code of the Street Adherence in Adolescence
Deviant Behavior 2019-01-11

Cathartic Ink: A Qualitative Examination of Tattoo Motivations for Survivors of Sexual Trauma
Deviant Behavior 2019-01-09

His Reputation Precedes Him: Examining the Construction and Management of the Pimp in Strip Clubs
Deviant Behavior 2019-01-05

The Pathways to Desistance: A Longitudinal Study of Juvenile Delinquency
Deviant Behavior 2019-01-05

Evaluation of Fraud Examinations: The Case of Inappropriate Accounting Practices at Fuji Xerox
Deviant Behavior 2019-01-02

Modeling Updating of Perceived Detection Risk: The Role of Personal Experience, Peers, Deterrence Policies, and Impulsivity
Deviant Behavior 2018-12-31

Taking Stock in Wildlife Crime Research: Trends and Implications for Future Research
Deviant Behavior 2018-12-29

Are Categorical Deniers Different? Understanding Demographic, Personality, and Psychological Differences between Denying and Admitting Individuals with Sexual Convictions
Deviant Behavior 2018-12-28

Media consumption and crime trend perceptions: a longitudinal analysis
Deviant Behavior 2018-12-27

Measuring the Evolution of Radical Right-Wing Posting Behaviors Online
Deviant Behavior 2018-12-24

Risky Business: Harlem Pimps’ Work Decisions and Economic Returns
Deviant Behavior 2018-12-22

“Economic Crisis and Poaching: Advice on Anti-Poaching Management from The Galician Shellfish Sector”
Deviant Behavior 2018-12-22

Which Source Possesses the Best Data on the Empirical Aspects of Criminal Events? A Theory of Opportunity and Necessary Conditions
Deviant Behavior 2018-12-21

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