Deviant Behavior

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Assessing the Capacity of DRDoS-For-Hire Services in Cybercrime Markets
Deviant Behavior 2019-05-19

The Development of Marijuana Dealing Behavior During Adolescence and Early Adulthood Among Juvenile Offenders: Risk Factors for Development
Deviant Behavior 2019-05-15

The Physical and Emotional Toll of Identity Theft Victimization: A Situational and Demographic Analysis of the National Crime Victimization Survey
Deviant Behavior 2019-05-11

Explanations of Blacks’ Criminality in America: 1630s-1950s
Deviant Behavior 2019-05-11

Idleness and Inmate Misconduct: A New Perspective on Time Use and Behavior in Local Jails
Deviant Behavior 2019-05-10

“I Need to Do This on My Own” Resilience and Self-Reliance in Urban At-Risk Youths
Deviant Behavior 2019-05-09

Recrafting Youth Risk Assessment: Developing the Modified Positive Achievement Change Tool for Iowa
Deviant Behavior 2019-04-26

A Mild Panic? Media Accounts of Kratom
Deviant Behavior 2019-04-23

Wanting HIV Is ‘Such a Hot Choice’: Exploring Bugchasers’ Fluid Identities and Online Engagements
Deviant Behavior 2019-04-20

Alien Conspiracy Theory? Exploring Ethnicity and Drug Supply in Scotland
Deviant Behavior 2019-04-20

The Effect of Strain, Affect, and Personal/Social Resources on Problem Substance Use among Incarcerated and Non-Incarcerated Youth
Deviant Behavior 2019-04-17

Perpetrating The Myth: Exploring Media Accounts of Rape Myths on “Women’s” Networks
Deviant Behavior 2019-04-14

Mediating the Mediator: The Indirect Effect of Short-Term Hostility on the Past Reactive Criminal Thinking–Future Reactive Criminal Thinking Relationship
Deviant Behavior 2019-04-14

“Just Do It? An Examination of Race on Attitudes Associated with Nike’s Advertisement Featuring Colin Kaepernick”
Deviant Behavior 2019-04-13

Desired Panic: The Folk Devil as Provocateur
Deviant Behavior 2019-04-13

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