Deviant Behavior

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Reciprocating Desires: The Pursuit of Desirable East Asian Femininity in China’s Commercial Sex Industry
Deviant Behavior 2019-03-25

“She’s Puttin’ Pressure on Me to Do Somethin’”: The Impact of Personal Relationships on Intermittency in the Criminal Career
Deviant Behavior 2019-03-22

Strain and Depression following Release from Prison: The Moderating Role of Social Support Mechanisms on Substance Use
Deviant Behavior 2019-03-21

Testing the General Theory of Crime with the Circumplex Model: Curvilinear Relations between Family Functioning and Self-Control
Deviant Behavior 2019-03-19

Crime in Televised Presidential Campaign Ads: The Making of Visual Metaphor
Deviant Behavior 2019-02-27

Clarifying the Relationship between Psychopathy and Intelligence Using Four Dimensions of the WASI-II
Deviant Behavior 2019-02-23

Sports Gambling among Iranians: A Test of Control and Rational Choice Theories
Deviant Behavior 2019-02-22

Violence and Motherhood: A Case Study about the Personality Profile and Attachment Style of a Filicide Woman
Deviant Behavior 2019-02-20

From Breakers to Bikers: The Evolution of the Dutch Crips ‘Gang’
Deviant Behavior 2019-02-15

Tense Relationships between Homicide Co-Victims and Detectives in the Wake of Murder
Deviant Behavior 2019-02-14

Does Military Service Continue to Facilitate Desistance? Revisiting Theory and Practice
Deviant Behavior 2019-02-11

“If They Notice I’m Mexican”: Narratives of Perceived Discrimination from Individuals Who Crossed the U.S.-Mexico Border at Ports of Entry
Deviant Behavior 2019-02-09

A Qualitative Examination of Post-Traumatic Growth in Multiply Body Modified Adults
Deviant Behavior 2019-02-06

Is Smoking Queer? Implications of California Tobacco Denormalization Strategies for Queer Current and Former Smokers
Deviant Behavior 2019-02-04

On the Origin of Concept of “Intersectionality” in Criminology: The Civil Rights Movement and the Rise of “Scholarship of Confrontation”
Deviant Behavior 2019-02-01

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