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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Founded in: 1935
URL: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rimu20/current
Twitter: @imagomundiijhc
Association: Imago Mund i Ltd.
• 83/82 in Geography (Web of Science 2017)
• 72/89 in History (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Geography History

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Latest papers

Savoir géographique et cartographie dans l’espace germanique protestant (1520–1620), by Axelle Chassagnette
Imago Mundi 2018-11-28

Commissioning and Use of Charts Made in Majorca c.1400: New Evidence from a Tuscan Merchant’s Archive
Imago Mundi 2018-11-28

Der Kupferstecher Karl Kolbe (1777–1842) und seine Rundkarten. Ein Berliner Künstlerleben im Biedermeier zwischen Goldmedaille und Pistolenkugel, by Eckhard Jäger
Imago Mundi 2018-11-28

The Cosmography of Paradise: The Other World from Ancient Mesopotamia to Medieval Europe, edited by Alessandro Scafi
Imago Mundi 2018-11-28

The Clyde: Mapping the River, by John Moore
Imago Mundi 2018-11-28

Les dimensions du monde. Élisée Reclus ou lʼintuition cartographique, By Alexandre Chollier
Imago Mundi 2018-11-28

Articles in Recent Issues
Imago Mundi 2018-11-28

Cartografías de lo desconocido. Mapas en la BNE, by Sáenz-López Pérez
Imago Mundi 2018-11-28

Une Carrière de géographe au siècle des Lumières Jean-Baptiste d’Anville, edited by Lucile Haguet
Imago Mundi 2018-11-28

The Liber de existencia riveriarum (c.1200) and the Birth of Nautical Cartography
Imago Mundi 2018-11-28

Spain’s Military Campaigns in Sardinia and Sicily (1717–1720) According to Jaime Miguel de Guzmán-Dávalos, Marquis of la Mina
Imago Mundi 2018-11-28

Women in Cartography in the Progressive Era, by Christina E. Dando
Imago Mundi 2018-11-28

Imago Mundi 2018-11-28

A Biography of a Map in Motion: Augustine Herrman’s Chesapeake, by Christian J. Koot
Imago Mundi 2018-11-28

Decolonizing the Map: Cartography from Colony to Nation, edited by James R. Akerman
Imago Mundi 2018-11-28

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