Government and Opposition

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Latest papers

The Revolutionary Democracy of Ethiopia: A Wartime Ideology Both Shaping and Shaped by Peacetime Policy Needs
Government and Opposition 2019-02-07

Stepping Stone, Halfway House or Road to Nowhere? Green Support of Minority Government in Sweden, New Zealand and Australia
Government and Opposition 2019-02-07

Multi-Method Research in the Social Sciences: A Review of Recent Frameworks and a Way Forward
Government and Opposition 2019-02-01

Cross-Class and Cross-Ideological Convergences over Time: Insights from the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutionary Uprisings
Government and Opposition 2019-01-17

Transforming State Visions: Ideology and Ideas in Armed Groups Turned Political Parties – Introduction to Special Issue
Government and Opposition 2019-01-03

Ambiguities of Radicalism After Insurgents Become Rulers: Conflicting Pressures on Revolutionary State Power in Western Sahara’s Liberation Movement
Government and Opposition 2018-12-27

Identity Change and Rebel Party Political Success
Government and Opposition 2018-12-26

Government Responsiveness under Majoritarian and (within) Proportional Electoral Systems
Government and Opposition 2018-12-07

Disembedded Politics: Neoliberal Reform and Labour Market Institutions in Central and Eastern Europe
Government and Opposition 2018-12-06

Polarization, Partisan Preferences and Strategic Voting
Government and Opposition 2018-12-05

The Global Economics of European Populism: Growth Regimes and Party System Change in Europe (The Government and Opposition/Leonard Schapiro Lecture 2017)
Government and Opposition 2018-12-04

GOV volume 54 issue 1 Cover and Back matter
Government and Opposition 2018-12-03

GOV volume 54 issue 1 Cover and Front matter
Government and Opposition 2018-12-03

Analysing Payoff Salience in Coalition Allocation: Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Committee Chairs
Government and Opposition 2018-11-29

Rebel Groups between Adaptation and Ideological Continuity: The Impact of Sustained Political Participation
Government and Opposition 2018-11-28

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