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Latest papers

Constructive Constitutionalism in Conservative and Unionist Political Thought, c.1885–1914*
English Historical Review 2019-04-15

Kant’s Politics in Context, by Reidar Maliks
English Historical Review 2019-04-15

Luther’s Jews: A Journey into Anti-Semitism, by Thomas Kaufmann, tr. Lesley Sharpe and Jeremy Noakes
English Historical Review 2019-04-13

Divina favente clemencia: Auserwählung, Frömmigkeit und Heilsvermittlung in der Herrschaftspraxis Kaiser Karls IV, by Martin Bauch
English Historical Review 2019-04-08

The Abbots and Priors of Late Medieval and Reformation England, by Martin Heale
English Historical Review 2019-04-04

Representing Heresy in Early Modern France, ed. Gabriella Scarlatta and Lidia Radi
English Historical Review 2019-04-04

Criticism and Confession: The Bible in the Seventeenth Century Republic of Letters, by Nicholas Hardy
English Historical Review 2019-04-03

Jean Bodin ‘This Pre-Eminent Man of France’: An Intellectual Biography, by Howell Lloyd
English Historical Review 2019-04-03

Prophecy, Politics and Place in Medieval England: From Geoffrey of Monmouth to Thomas of Erceldoune, by Victoria Flood
English Historical Review 2019-04-02

Concealing Collusion: The Suez Crisis, Political Memoirs and Official Secrecy, 1956–1969*
English Historical Review 2019-04-02

New World Slave Traders and the Problem of Trade Goods: Brazil, Barbados, Cuba and North America in Comparative Perspective*
English Historical Review 2019-04-02

The Rabbi’s Atheist Daughter: Ernestine Rose, International Feminist Pioneer, by Bonnie S. Anderson
English Historical Review 2019-04-01

French Novels and the Victorians, by Juliette Atkinson
English Historical Review 2019-04-01

The Imperial History Wars: Debating the British Empire, by Dane Kennedy
English Historical Review 2019-04-01

The Rise and Fall of the British Nation: A Twentieth Century History, by David Edgerton
English Historical Review 2019-04-01

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