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Latest papers

Lawyers’ question content and children’s responses in Scottish criminal courts
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-04-25

Predicting the Criminal Record of Hungarian Homicide Offenders from Crime Scene Behaviours
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-04-25

The Unseen Cost of Justice: Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Canadian Lawyers
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-04-25

Eyewitness identification procedures for multiple perpetrator crimes: A survey of police in Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-04-25

Younger and Older Adults’ Lie-Detection and Credibility Judgments of Children’s Coached Reports
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-03-28

Perceptions of police-juvenile contact predicts self-reported offending in adolescent males
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-03-28

Exonerees in Black and White: The Influence of Race on Perceptions of Those Who Falsely Confessed To a Crime
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-03-25

Innocent of the crime under investigation: Suspects’ counter-interrogation strategies and statement-evidence inconsistency in strategic vs. non-strategic interviews
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-03-25

Extending the General Aggression Model: Contributions of DSM-5 Maladaptive Personality Facets and Schema Modes
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-03-21

Children’s identification of unfamiliar voices on both target-present and target-absent lineups
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-03-21

Risk Assessment for Intimate Partner Violence: How can the Police Assess Risk?
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-03-20

Dialect on trial: use of African American Vernacular English influences juror appraisals
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-03-20

Risk and protective factors of delinquency that are sensitive to migration and culture
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-03-20

A brief measure of the Triarchic Model of Psychopathy among community youths: Psychometrics and measurement invariance
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-03-20

Impairment in the processing of fear gaze in adolescents with callous-unemotional traits
Psychology, Crime & Law 2019-03-02

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