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Latest papers

The politics of the coffee pot: Its changing role in history-making and the place of religion in the Sultanate of Oman
History and Anthropology 2019-03-28

‘Factotum and friend’: Anthropologists, informants and ethnographic exchange in central Australia
History and Anthropology 2019-03-08

Ruth Landes/‘she-maverick’: A Jewish gendered late style
History and Anthropology 2019-03-01

Beyond nostalgia: other historical emotions
History and Anthropology 2019-02-19

‘That was natural. This is just artificial’!: Displacement, memory, worship, and connection at a Kashmiri Hindu shrine replica
History and Anthropology 2019-02-18

White grief, happy friendship: Jane Goodale and emotional anthropological research
History and Anthropology 2019-02-18

Anthropology of/as Repetition
History and Anthropology 2019-02-18

Stuff of boundaries? Kyrgyz–Russian marriages and the actualization of ethnic difference
History and Anthropology 2018-12-12

The good and the bad of the same: On the political value of historical repetition in Angola
History and Anthropology 2018-11-29

An archive to build a future: The recovery and rediscovery of the history of socialist associations in contemporary Bosnia-Herzegovina
History and Anthropology 2018-11-24

Different repetitions: Anthropological engagements with figures of return, recurrence and redundancy
History and Anthropology 2018-11-24

Performing science amongst the filing cabinets. Women, anthropology and museums in Belgium (1930–1970)
History and Anthropology 2018-11-20

From excess to encompassment: Repetition, recantation, and the trashing of time in Swedish Christianities
History and Anthropology 2018-11-09

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