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Latest papers

Reading In, Looking Out: Hermeneutics by Implication in an Early Fifteenth-Century Anthology
Iranian Studies 2019-06-09

The Mazandarani Dialect of Kalijān Rostāq
Iranian Studies 2019-06-09

“Mysticism” in Iran: The Safavid Roots of a Modern Concept
Iranian Studies 2019-06-05

Compilations of the Bustān of Saʿdī in Iran, Central Asia, and Turkey, ca. 1470–1550
Iranian Studies 2019-06-05

Performing Trans in Post-Revolutionary Iran: Gender Transitions in Islamic Law, Theatre, and Film
Iranian Studies 2019-05-20

Colophons and Marginal Notes of the Avestan Manuscripts of the Pouladi’s Collection in Yazd
Iranian Studies 2019-05-14

A Zoroastrian Dispute in the Caliph’s Court: The Gizistag Abāliš in its Early Islamic Context
Iranian Studies 2019-05-13

Aspirations and Job Success of Highly Qualified Second Generation Iranians in Germany
Iranian Studies 2019-05-09

Talking to Workers: From Khomeini to Ahmadinejad, how the Islamic Republic’s Discourse on Labor Changed through May Day Speeches (1979‒2009)
Iranian Studies 2019-05-07

The East India Company’s Farmān, 1622‒1747
Iranian Studies 2019-04-23

Review of Jāmī in Regional Contexts
Iranian Studies 2019-04-23

Review of Knowledge and Power in the Philosophies of ?amīd al-Dīn al-Kirmānī and Mullā ?adrā Shīrāzī
Iranian Studies 2019-04-23

Ehsan Yarshater (3 April 1920–2 September 2018): Doyen of Iranian Studies
Iranian Studies 2019-04-17

Culture of Encounters: Sanskrit at the Mughal Court
Iranian Studies 2019-04-16

Philosophy in Safavid Iran
Iranian Studies 2019-04-16

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