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Publisher: Oxford University Press
Founded in: 2003
URL: https://academic.oup.com/ser
Association: Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (@SASE_Meeting)
• 14/175 in Political Science (Web of Science 2017)
• 8/146 in Sociology (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Political Science Sociology

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Latest papers

Labour’s declining share of national income in Ireland and Denmark: the national specificities of structural change
Socio-Economic Review 2019-03-20

New approaches to political economy
Socio-Economic Review 2019-03-20

Social inclusion in the knowledge economy: unions’ strategies and institutional change in the Austrian and German training systems
Socio-Economic Review 2019-03-16

The divergent logics of industrial change: a comparison of export-cheese processors in Nicaragua
Socio-Economic Review 2019-03-07

Can the structure of inequality explain fiscal redistribution? Revisiting the social affinity hypothesis
Socio-Economic Review 2019-03-07

‘Losing My Raise’: minimum wage increases, status loss and job satisfaction among low-wage employees
Socio-Economic Review 2019-02-28

Open societies before market economies: Historical analysis
Socio-Economic Review 2019-02-26

Unemployment sequences and the risk of poverty: from counting duration to contextualizing sequences
Socio-Economic Review 2019-02-16

The ideational foundations of social democratic austerity in the context of the great recession
Socio-Economic Review 2019-02-15

Raising the stakes: the effects of the environmental movement, industry, and states’ institutional and material environments on the regulation of fracking
Socio-Economic Review 2019-02-06

Professionals and populists: the making of a free market for medicine in the United States, 1787–1860
Socio-Economic Review 2019-02-06

Labour’s declining share ovf national income in Ireland and Denmark: the national specificities of structural change
Socio-Economic Review 2019-01-28

The paradox of inequality: income inequality and belief in meritocracy go hand in hand
Socio-Economic Review 2019-01-24

Work–family reconciliation policies and women’s and mothers’ labor market outcomes in rich democracies
Socio-Economic Review 2019-01-13

How mythical markets mislead analysis: an institutionalist critique of market universalism
Socio-Economic Review 2019-01-09

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