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Founded in: 2004
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Category: Political Science

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Latest papers

The global subject of precarity
Globalizations 2019-04-17

Civil society challenges the global food system: the International Monsanto Tribunal
Globalizations 2019-03-28

Objective and subjective conditions for the continuity of the Peruvian extractive development model
Globalizations 2019-03-11

The future of universities in a global risk society
Globalizations 2019-03-08

Working wives: gender, labour and land commercialization in Ratanakiri, Cambodia
Globalizations 2019-03-06

The imagined futures of the public university in India
Globalizations 2019-03-06

Rumour and decertification in exile politics: evidence from the Egyptian case
Globalizations 2019-03-05

The diffusion of public private partnerships: a world systems analysis
Globalizations 2019-02-28

To risk or derisk the soul of the university? The peril in educational globalization
Globalizations 2019-02-26

The rise of the Latin American far-right explained: dependency theory meets uneven and combined development
Globalizations 2019-02-22

Development by popular protection and Tunisia: the case of Tataouine
Globalizations 2019-02-20

Waiting for Godot? On some of the obstacles for developing counter-forces in higher education
Globalizations 2019-02-18

Bodies of work: skilling at the bottom of the global nursing care chain
Globalizations 2019-02-18

The role of emotions during the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt in light of repertoires
Globalizations 2019-02-15

Committing to cultures of creativity: the significance of transdisciplinarity
Globalizations 2019-02-14

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